Friends 1000hp C5 Z06

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Futher Mucker, Jun 22, 2007.

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  2. post pics of that girl in your avatar.
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  4. I love that he doesn't advertise the fact that hes making that much power.
  5. That is insane.
  6. Thats how cool people do it. It's not like a Vette can be a true sleeper, but keeping it subtle and stock looking is where it's at even on a car that started out as a performance vehicle.
  7. ring time ?
  8. FAST
  9. most civics with modded suspensions and tuned engines are probably still shitter than most sports cars sold in Canada, should they ban those too?
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    yeah this is total bullshit. I'm waiting for the wrong persons car to get impounded and destroyed before shootings occur.
  11. No. They need to keep those. If #%$s can't trick their Civics it'll force them to buy good cars. Or at least keep their Civic stock.
  12. I'm all for destroying civics but the first Ferrari/Porsche/proper sports car casualty will cause rediculous backlash.
  13. Pretty much. Although in reality even the first 40K riced out, LCD filled Civic they take will probably cause plenty of backlash as well. That policy is stupid in the first place, and secondly it's unenforceable. They can't do it. It just won't work.
  14. it completely isn't warranted. I'm really waiting for some V8 Ferrari to be destroyed resulting in lawsuits and the OPP haveing to foot the bill to buy the person another car. as far as I know no cars have been destroyed yet.
  15. Yea, it's way past being reasonable. Taking someones car when they were actually street racing is questionable IMO. I think a large, but flat fine would be more fair. Sure it's not bad if your 5K Civic gets taken for it, but what about a Ferrari as you're saying? That's totally not cool.

    But THIS, this is just waaaaay beyond what any sane person would think would be fair or reasonable. How can you punish someone for a crime they LOOK like they MIGHT be the type to commit?
  16. this all came about because 2 idiotic yuppie teenagers borrowed mommy and daddies E55 AMG and plowed into some unsuspecting families car killing 2 of the 3 passengers (IIRC).
  17. sweet mother of Christ you guys are thick.
  18. Right well I never have been quick on the uptake, let alone when it involves around a joke thats been beaten to death, let alone when its been beaten to death and used in a sense that its not normally used in...silly me indeed
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    I've head that they can do the same thing to your car in California.
  20. All it needs are some black rims.
  21. Cool but to much power imo.
  22. The best way to combat street racing is to build more drag strips. Maybe they should do that in Canada and America.When they closed my local drag strip there was a rash of illegal street racing everywhere around town.Then the town reopened the strip and illegal racing went down 80%.Awesome Vette by the way.
  23. Very tastefully done.

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