Friends 1000hp C5 Z06

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Futher Mucker, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. So dumb. Do they not realize that kids can AND DO do the exact same stupid shit in stock Civics, or Taurus', and every other boring/slow car. So pointless.
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    Actually no. I happened to have this video sent to me in an email thing I get.

    This says they can only do it when they actually were caught street racing. The Canadian thing would allow them to be busted just for having a car that LOOKED like they MIGHT street race in. There's 20000 levels of magnitude difference there.
  3. Yeah that illegal looking car thing, when the wrong person's car gets #$%#ed, its going to get ugly. Car regulations are already a joke up here.
  4. Badass.
  6. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA seeing that Civic "Go-Kart" get crushed into a cube made my day.Had that been a Corvette all of import nicers would have been swarmin like killer honey bee's.
  7. all thats not there any more. dunno wut that was for. but its super clean now. that pic was during the winter when he was still tunning it.
  8. Yea, I have to admit I got a warm fuzzy feeling inside seeing it get destroyed.
  9. Have they acted at all, in any form, yet? I can see that being in violation of the Charter in several sections, though thats not for me to decide.
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    LOL, I just sent in feedback to this article rife with expletives, just voicing my anger, this is stupid leglislation.

    Bear in mind, this legislation comes from a province in which gentle curves will have warning signs 10km in advance, and posted speeds of 70km or so, for curves which I could take in a frickin caravan at 140km/h+

    The OPP is a joke.
  11. Hah, and what about those people who put those "Type RSX7-928 MUGEN/NISMO-R" stickers on their car, but are stock? I could see someone slamming them with a lawsuit when they show their car had stock internals and it was just a bunch of stickers and a wing. Couldn't this be likened to the police arresting a "thug" looking black man because he looks like he may rob a liquor store? Or a muslim because he may be plotting to blow up a building? Or perhaps a drunk white guy who is complaining about his family because he may decide to go on a shooting rampage? I don't know about Canada, but they call it profiling in the US and it is illegal.
  12. So true dude, that is the same with all stock 1990's civics with the NOS stickers, intimidating till you see it has a rusted out floor inside. And yea, it's still profiling in Canada,....well said.
  13. Indie attack?
  14. yeah right. Might have plastic but it feels amazing. So comfy, and fits you like a cockpit.

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