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Discussion in '1997 Porsche 911 GT1 Straßenversion' started by droptheHAMMER, May 9, 2003.

  1. This car is amazing, but the front wheel well is cut back a little sharp making it look and flow of the car a bit off. Other wise it is a masterpiece of automotive machinery. Does anyone feel this way?? This car is definately better than the Carerra Gt.
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    i dont think so, i love the tire wells on this car it makes it look different than the other 911's
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    yes the wheel wells do curve in at the bottom... it reduces drag. I may be wrong but i dont think they are like that on the GT1 lemans racer. I think it would look better with normal wells but that brings you back to the reason for building this car. it was built for racing , not have to admit it does look amazing
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    the wheel wells look awesome and i luv this car but i think it is unfair to compare this car to the carrera gt. this car would be a ***** to drive on the road due to it's track setup. it would skitter over bumps, tramline like hell, and be #$%#ing unjoyable due to it's no travel track suspension. the carrera gt is a road car and for the purposes of road driving i would prefer the GT. this looks better though.
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    the suspension is tuneable so if you know hw to tune it then your fine

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