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  1. id love to get some fronts. i know they get between 12"-15" and they need a big tank.... but how big?

    space is limited haha
  2. 29 gallon would work for like, probably the first year if you wanted 3 or so. I think they are a a shoaling species. But after that I'd probably upgrade to a 55 at least so you can really give them room to swim and grow.

    I've always been a fan of them, and Brichardi, which are much more docile. Never had either though. I've never had any cichlids other than central and souths. And as far as africans go, I have only had the malawi cichlids (mbunas). With the exception of the Jewel cichlid, which is an african river cichlid. No tanganyikans yet though. But someday I plan on doing one.
  3. thanks bud, i might try and work on the girlfriend, and getting a big tank, like maybe 75 gallon so we can get a couple fronts

    and those Jewel cichlids, holy shit are they nice looking!!!
  4. jewel cichlids breed like rabbits, fyi
  5. haha, most cichlids do dont they?
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    Nah, not all of them. Some require you to really set the mood.

    Convicts and Jewels will just go to town. I have a convict hybrid in my tank. She's kind of a slut, she hooked up with my 'T-Bar cichlid.' We have 5 babies grown to a full survival state out of the initial 100+ fry that we had.

    Here's one of the babies that follows around my big jack dempsey.

    It's a cross between these two


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