Fukin ugly slow piece of shit

Discussion in '1969 Nissan Skyline 2000GTR' started by 300ZXfreakk, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. This car is the slowest-ass, ugliest Skyline i have ever seen, why the hell did they even put this on SC.net?
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    #$%#n ugly slow dumbass thread..
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    dude, wtf? without this "#$%#n ugly slow piece of shit", there would be no GT-R's for you to salivate over. btw, with some old-school watanbe wheels, it would look pretty damn good
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    Yeah, those are all good cars, but the 2000 GTR just seems like a bad forerunner 2 all of them.
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    i agree
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    thats car was made for the emperor at the time you #$%#ing dumbass and that car is wroth more than you lil ass ego will ever be, so have some respect because if you said that shit in japan we will hear about your dumbass on CNN.. so grow the #$%# up and get a real life.
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    Cause its a Skyline.
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    Tards. All of you. Have you ever heard about the instant success this car had in the japanese racing circuit? Go ahead and read about it. Maybe you'll see why it lasted this long. What were you expecting from looks in a 30+ year old car?
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    they think it's supposed to be a 457Hp 8 liter engine 1969 camro or some shit,well to #$%#ing bad for them...it looks like crap lets just give it an affair to the public, go to japan and laugh at there cars and see your ass get tied up and ran over by one
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    Come on, all Nissan Skyline GT-R's are ugly & slow crap cars. So how is this thing different anyway?
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    WTF...this car was the beginnign of a legeng..u cant tell me that if sumbody pulled up in yo drive way whith this you would say "Thats and uglt peice of shit, NO!!"...cmon now...that thing is wort a LOT of money
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    It needs horse-power.
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    This car is 35 years old! All you people that say it needs to be faster, or look better, are simple-minded idiots. You have no sense of car knowledge and I would recommend a different hobby. I recommend sewing or crocheting for you little girls.
  15. you americans are all #$%#heads ,why the hell dont they ever get thier facts right on this site these old skylines actually beat chev's and fords in the ealy 60's in austrailia a number of times. back then the most hp a v8 could make was 250 and a tuned gtr was making 220-230 but was a shit load lighter and way better designed then any ford or holden being produced this car almost compares to the mighty savanna

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