Fun car thread? Like the good old times

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  1. Seeing as how we're all a decade older, producing about half the testosterone, hopefully with a bit more smarts in the brain, and with responsibilities greater than worrying about who's in our MySpace top 8, let's see what a current dream garage looks like for all of us.

    I know that gone are the days of me actually being ok with having an R390GT and LM002 as daily drivers, and thank God for that. It's pretty funny to see how my tastes and reality has changed since then.

    Let us all fill our 3 car garage with the following:
    A four door sedan
    A two door coupe (roadster, convertible, hardtop, whatever)
    And something to take the wife and kids in for the soccer practices, the recitals, and the long trips to grandmothers house for the holiday.

    And maybe for fun, list what your pea-brain would've listed in early 2000 when asked the same question. (specific car type rules out of the window).

    Who cares about budget. Whether you'd rather a ND Miata or a Hurracan as your 2 door ride, s'all good.
  2. Audi a8
    Alfa 4c convertible
    Audi rs6 avant

    18 year old me:
    Maserati quattroporte gts
    Porsche 918
    Brabus g55
  3. Audi S8
    Zonda F Roadster
    Audi Q7 TDI

    back in the day

    Audi RS6
    Mega Cab Dodge Ram w/cummins or something stupid.
  4. Right now I would be over the moon with:

    Mercedes Benz S600
    Jaguar F-Type R Convertible
    Cadillac Escalade

    Back in the day:

    Cadillac Sixteen
    Jaguar XJ220
    Hummer H1 Alpha
  5. To be honest, I'd happily settle for an M3 (could do family duties) and something old, like a 930 911.
  6. CTS-V
    Porsche Cayman GT4
    Ford F150 Platinum (maybe)

    10 year old me

    Escape F1
    Mustang Cobra
    Hummer H1

  7. Cayman gt4 looks so awesome, I'm glad Porsche made it.
  8. Major kudos for the F-Type selection, really love those things.

    Also, where is your Infiniti M30 or whatever the hell that ugly ass thing was.
  9. You mean the V8 RWD pimpmobile? Probably in a junkyard where it belongs lol. I almost became a fancy Wheelman there for a while.

    And yeah, F-Type is sex. Love the exhaust they've engineered. It replaced the hole left in my heart that Tata created when they uglified the shit out of the XK.
  10. Audi A7
    Lamborghini Miura SV
    Range Rover
  11. 18 year old me

    Alpina armored L7
    Ferrari f50gt
    Converted school bus full of cocaine and black tar opium laced blunts.

    But the adult me would be happy with a regular old box van.
  12. I miss my dad's old ~94 Dodge Caravan. Thing was light and had a v6 that would ssssssSMOKE em at the lights. Until the day it did an epic stoppie of death in the middle of an intersection as the front axle decided to snap making the front tires derp inwards at like 20mph.

    TBH it was probably faster than any car I've ever owned.
  13. Cadillac CTS-V
    Lamborghini Adventador
    HSV Clubsport Tourer

    Younger me would choose equivalent cars at the time. I dont think my car preferences have changed really.

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  14. now

    Brabus Maybach
    SLR 722
    Ferrari FF or Range Rover Sport

    S Class
  15. Brabus E63 AMG
    Lambo Aventador
    Brabus S63 AMG

    18yo me

    E39 M5
    R34 GTR
    ML63AMG ?

  16. Drano is apparently Benjamin button.
  17. A 1956 Chevrolet Belair 4 door Hardtop
    A 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda 340 convertible
    A 1954 Plymouth Plaza 2 door Suburban

    And 10 years ago? Can't remember. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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  18. No stang?! The new GT350 is pretty rad
  19. now:
    Maserati Quattroporte
    Jaguar XKSS
    for this option I'd probably just choose the 4 door sedan to do that sort of stuff with but I"ll go with the old favourite Bentley Arnage

    then: probably the same thing as above
  20. Mercedes S65
    Triumph TR3
    VW Passat BITDI 4Motion estate (so bad)
  21. I'll just take a Range Rover and hire harka as a chauffeur that I can have fun looking for when he disappears with vehicle
  22. Mercedes E63 AMG.
    Pretty much any real contemporary supercar (LaFerrari, P1, Aventador, Regera). Although they all have zero practicality around here. But still, a man can dream.
    And a Range Rover. Those things are impressive.
  23. audi s3...or a jaguar of some description
    air-cooled 911
    land rover discovery 4
  24. Should we pay for fuel and maintenance?

    Also will there be a sufficiently large garage available?

    Do heavy vehicles count?


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