Funky Machine.

Discussion in '2001 Dax Rush' started by McLaren_Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This is like a AC car. but faster, muahahahahaha.<!-- Signature -->
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    Looks like a potential rush.
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    Lotus Seven<!-- Signature -->
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    It's sweet! I love such cars!<!-- Signature -->
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    i would love to go cruising where all the civic guys hang out in this thing
    and with the 33o hp i could race them,!! and win<!-- Signature -->
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    this car is so tyte i want 1
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    I think the main problem is getting the power on to the road. They do make it in a 4 wheel drive version, but there is still a lot of spin.
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    Mclaren Man you are gay<!-- Signature -->
  9. Re: What is this

    shut up you penis
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    College grads? Money well spent, guys.<!-- Signature -->
  11. Re: you're all #$%#ing retards...

    YEAh hahahah<!-- Signature -->
  12. Re: you're all #$%#ing retards...

    heh you own an M3? you act like a 5 year old...btw my viper will eat you up any day
  13. Re: you're all #$%#ing retards...

    Bit Harsh.

    These are great cars. They have incredible power to weight ratios, handle superbly if its dry, and most importantly, are cheap.

    M3 and Viper, also great cars.

    Does there always have to be a 'whose best' competition?

    I drive a Westfield, but much as I love it, if I suddenly came across a few million quid I'd ditch it very quickly. I'd be straight down to a TVR or Aston Martin garage. With a few more million, I'd probably have a Viper and an M3 in my collection. Every discussion on here always seems to come down to the Z06, the Viper and so on. There can be more than one good car in the world, and they don't all come from one country (or continent).

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    yeah these cars take some driving, goes round corners pretty well unlike all us cars! if the us cars are so good why do they import all the jap cars and why did f and furious have jap cars and one american drag car? it was a u.s. film with jap cars. ha. a us film with us cars is days of thunder, wow, i just love goin round in circles, shows a real race car driver doesnt it? oh and didnt a british driver win one of the us championships on his first try? nigel mansell, a part time police man. haha. we love em over in the uk, they kick ass
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    this is the funniest thread i've ever seen <!-- Signature -->
  16. !!!!!anyone seen the 550bhp on with 4x4!!!!!

    i saw it in a fast car mag about 4years ago, it went 0-100-0 in under 12 seconds and thats bike teritory!!!!<!-- Signature -->
  17. IT has some cool looks

    NOT bad.<!-- Signature -->
  18. Re: Will the rain of these stupid cars ever stop! !!!!

    There are a lot of british sports cars inspired by the Lotus 7, but they are all different. I have read recently that people are comparing the new Hyandai Coupe to a Ferrari. They may look a bit similar, but they certainly aint the same car.

    All of the competitors compete against each other, making it an exciting market for buyers. I think it was Formula 27 who put a moterbike engine in a car like this first, but now Tiger, Dax, Caterham, Westfield, Locost etc all do it. Westfield had a twin engined one first, but it is Tiger that have put it into production.

    got to go to a meeting, but you get the idea.
  19. Re: Will the rain of these stupid cars ever stop! !!!!

    OK supersonic, I will repeat this for your benefit (read slowly-you might miss something <IMG SRC=""> )
    The reason that there are a lot of these cars is because they have a wide range of engines and styles!

    got that?<!-- Signature -->
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    yes but basically they're all the same and It annoys me that people keep bringing out new ones which are no better/ mostly worse then the ones before! <!-- Signature -->
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    I partially agree with SuperSonic, there are so many cars that look like the Caterham Super Seven and/or the Panoz AIV Roadster, but this car is actually a fast one. Too bad most of them use little Ford engines.<!-- Signature -->
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    If you don't like these excellent cars, than what difference does it make to you if they are on the market or not?<!-- Signature -->
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    this is cool<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from SuperSonic</i>
    <b>Yet another stupid kit car....Theres hundreds of these things/ they looks the same / sound the same / perform the same / cost the same / Suck the same /......I don't get it !! what was wrong with the other cars like this.... that made them want to build yet another....will the rain of these shit stupid cars ever stop! !!!!

    Do you like these cars ?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    dude #$%#in seriously hese things are #$%#ing weird just stop it totally theyre tryin to go bak to that old style no aerodynamics crap were goin forward ppl!!! not backword!!
  25. Re: Will the rain of these stupid cars ever stop! !!!!

    Ha ha ha... shut the ƒuck up.

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