funniest scn member

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by theHonk, Mar 15, 2009.

  2. Bark Bark Bark!!!
  4. The correct answer is Raphael, or however he spelled it.
  5. dude, honestly, how much are you lurking these days. fo real
  6. My god, I miss that guy sooooo much. His posts were freaking ridiculous. Very complex stories in very broken english. if I remember right, there was a lot of sex around that man. He was from Brazil
  7. Ya Raphael's life was so real. I think his house got robbed in one of his complex stories.
  8. i have school guy
  9. oh and this guy but hes never around anymore
  10. Bump Rafael poasts? I've heard about his "caught more courage" stories or whatevs.
  11. CB-man has been the funniest lately
  13. SFSU

    da bay we fresh
  14. he's too busy trying burn algae in his gas tank
  15. VICIOUS accounts.
  16. you can't vote for yourself!
  17. gemballa+hemistage probably gave me the most total lulz, but they don't count because they rn't real

    wcw for the consistency. the man has zingers for days.
  18. For trolling Spyder, Scorpferrari, Pandabeat, and and occasionally metamorphisis.

    Funny people Crystal Baller, BananaTucker, Snub Disphensoid, NB

    People I lol at - Jdkleidon, Mc777, LancerVance, Hemistage
  19. nb has seriously quality anecdotes as well. i've actually said "if you do this, she'll suck your balls inside out. holy dick." in a real type of situational conversation situation and it's a totally reasonable thing to say sometimes.

    and jjr makes me piss into my piss puddle that's built up in my bowl chair would you like a diagram
  20. Bainderante (spelled wrong) was the person who said that, but I don't know if that's Rafael.

    Wasn't there a Rafael from somewhere in Europe?
  21. are you guys talking about Rafale?
  22. the members are gaining courage. dsm owner was his advocate for years he probably made him a mod at some point like that random guy dont matr
  23. lol i dont wanna say because then everyone will think im lame for going to community college like a textbook slacker

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