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  1. and we are all forgetting Ferrari4Ever, original Chevy and the original I AM RICH essays.
  4. n00b dont lie
  5. TSR needs to come back.
  6. that's because i am rich was never funny
  7. funniEST
  8. according to you..
  9. what makes the funny people funny btw?
  10. Humour occurs when:

    * An alternative (or surprising) shift in perception or answer is given that still shows relevance and can explain a situation.
    * Sudden relief occurs from a tense situation. "Humourific," as formerly applied in comedy, referred to the interpretation of the sublime and the ridiculous, a relation also known as bathos. In this context, humour is often a subjective experience, as it depends on a special mood or perspective from its audience to be effective.
    * Two ideas or things that are very distant in meaning emotionally or conceptually (i.e., having a significant incongruity) are juxtaposed.
    * One laughs at something that points out another's errors, lack of intelligence, or unfortunate circumstances, thereby granting a sense of superiority.
  11. according to funny
  12. nah he made me laugh
  13. and you were like 11 years old when he was first around if you were even here. a retarded kid trying to troll about being rich, ugh terrible

    I'd much rather read chairman threads
  14. sif
  15. oh yeah gemballa/lado cracked me up quite a bit as well. i miss him.
  16. NB is funny.
  17. I also enjoy TSCMs stories about throwing wrenches at people and telling customers off.
  18. I don't get people who think/thought I AM RICH is/was funny UGGHHHHHHHHHH
  19. The thief caught more courage and tore the window! Heeeeelllllpp meeeeeeeeeee!
  22. The driving passion of a Ferrari.

    MclarenF1, Dauer Porsche and the Bugatti Veyron are perhaps the most impressive cars ever made. But they lack something. They lack the history, the passion, the allure, and the charm of a V12 powered Ferrari. But now the question becomes where can this passion be best relaized?

    - On the muddy roads of Australia?

    -On the Flawless German Autobahn?

    -On the breathtaking Autostrada?

    -On the crime filled motorways of America?

    -On the often broken motorways of the UK?

    The answer is none of the above. Because the driving passion of a ferrari could only be realized on narrow winding roads, where one does not use hard braking into sharp corners but rather shift down, where the gems of automobile perfection sing with the winds, captivating the heart of it's driver for a 1,000 years.
  23. stfu before i prawn u banhammered

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