Furthest North/South, East/West, Highest you have been

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  1. There was one like this a while back, but lets do it again
    And for the highest, only include on land obviously

    For me;

    North - Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland -

    South - Bottom of Tasmania, Australia (on a cruise ship) -

    East - Korotogo, Fiji -

    West - Los Angeles, California -

    Highest - Genting Highlands, Malaysia - 1865 metres above sea level

    EDIT: Adding hottest/coldest natural air temperature;
    Most hot - Canberra, when I was young, kids were being sent home from school at 47C
    Coldest - Harbin, China -23C
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    North - Inverness, Scotland

    South - Monterey, California

    East - Innsbruck, Austria

    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

    Highest - Pic Blanc at Alpe d'Huez, France - 3300m / 10823ft

    I need to cross the Equator and also visit Asia at some point
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  4. North - Alesund, Norway.
    South - the border between Kenya and Tanzania, where the Massai Mara and the Serengeti meet.
    West - Eureka, California, or maybe somewhere along the coast between it and Washington, like Cape Blanco.
    East - Tokyo, Japan.
  5. North - Rovaniemi as a kid, only gone up to Veteli as an adult 63°30´
    South - Gran Canaria 27°45´
    West - New York 74W°
    East - Imatra 29E°

    Curiously both North and East are reached in Finland.

    Highest place crossing Stelvio pass at 2,757 m

    Highest temp 33C in my hometown Turku.
    Lowest -30 something. I remember several occasions when the winter temp has begun with three, but as I have not ventured often to north or east from our coast the minus 40C temps have evaded me.
  6. Forgot to add highest place - I would estimate around 2,500 meters on several occasions - somewhere in Kenya, around Mount Fuji, Whistler (BC) and around Mount Rainier.
    I'll also add the lowest, because I can, at -413 meters near the Dead Sea.

    Lowest temp would probably be around -2 or -3C. Highest is probably 45-46C.
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    North: Alert, Nunavut Territories Canada
    South: Kingston, Jamaica
    West: Vancouver, Canada
    Est: Helsinki, Finland

    Highest: Blackcomb Mountain, British-Colombia, Canada @ 2436 meters

    Highest temps in the 43 Celsius
    Coldest temps, if you add in the wind chill factor around -60 Celsius

    Edit: Forget highest and high / low temps.
  8. North: Fairbanks, Alaska, US
    East: Szeged, Hungary
    South: Birmingham, Alabama, US
    West: Anchorage, Alaska, US

    Altitude: Denali, Alaska, ~20,000ft / 6,000m
  9. 63.1° North: Kristiansund, Norway.
    45.0° South: Queenstown, NZ.
    176.9° East: Napier, NZ.
    123.4° West: Victoria, Canada.

    1,883m: Gaustatoppen, Norway.

    Not sure about temperatures, but at a guess about 35° and -35°.
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  11. West Nanaimo British Columbia Canada
    North and east Stockholm Sweden
    South cayman islands
  12. i've never left my time zone. i've been to the domincan once, but it was an all-inclusive resort, so it's like never leaving the US. i've been to a handful of places on the US East coast but i've had very little opportunity to travel, though i do want to.

    basically been slumming it up around the baltimore metro my whole life
  13. North: Svalbard
    East: Taiwan
    West: UK
    South: Indonesia

    I need to go more West
  14. You have been in Helsinki?
  15. North:
    Flew over the north pole if that counts
    That's where I live now. It's alright, I like the woods and nature up here, but you need to get out man.
  16. Yeah, when I was in the Canadian Armed Forces, in the Navy back in 1982
  17. i want to but i'm poor
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    I just googled that word.

    Some good memes in google images.
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