Future of this Beaut?

Discussion in '1962 Morris Mini Cooper S' started by countdown, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Just the improvement in looks qualifies BMW with God like status.<!-- Signature -->
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    i'll tell you what i can't wait to see. when they tweek this thing a little more and it pulls up to a mustang gt and blows it away off the line. i hope they do this because i'd be so happy i'd pee.<!-- Signature -->
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    i wanna see a Mini Ute and Woody estate.<!-- Signature -->
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    I would like to see the new mini with a BIG UGLY WING not the kind you can get standard on a cooper S. The big kind you see on mitsubishis or hondas or something that a white guy has tuned to make himself look cool.<!-- Signature -->
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    the Cooper S's supercharger runs about....6 psi I am guessing. I'd up that to about 9 psi, throw an all aluminum, fully adjustable, low profile drag wing on the roof, a set of super light 17x6 in front, 17x8 in rear alloy wheels with some kind of good tire like a BFGoodrich G-Force TA, Yokohama AVS Sport, Yokohama Parada Spec-2, or maybe a set of Nitto 555R's. Throw a set of Neuspeed race springs, Koni adjustable shocks, front and rear sway bars, a front strut tower bar, a freer flowing exhaust system, an awesome intercooler(preferably front mount for better cooling), and a new intake. I konw it's not too Euro, but that's just me. or you could just do like that Qvick company did and swap in an M3 motor. That would work too..........quite well I might add...... <!-- Signature -->
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    a monster truck! thats an awesome idea!!!<!-- Signature -->
  7. MINI says it all over their sites: "We're curious about the number of ways we could take the new MINI Cooper." So what do you think BMW ought to do? as my signature says, M (BMW's motorsport division) is making the S better than it already is (messing with perfection???) and there's various tuners etc. making parts and cabriolet-ing it, what else do you think ought to happen to it? i'd like to see a monster truck version (hilarious--wheels twice as big as the car under it, rolling over buses...HAH!)
    so whaddya say?<!-- Signature -->
  8. Yea a mini
  9. Yea a mini cooper
  10. Yea a mini cooper

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