future S-Type coupe

Discussion in '2001 Jaguar R-Coupe Concept' started by JaguarX, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. a recent Jaguar press release show, that Jaguar will most probably have a S-Type coupe... how will it look like?
    The press release says it'll more probably look similar to the R-Type... though it'll still would look close enough to the S-Type.
  2. Re: future S-Type coupe

    I hate how concepts like this tease me! I wish I could go down to Jaguar dealer right now and test drive one of these. I REALLY hope this can go into producion along with the F1 gearbox which I also hope to see on future XK8s and XKRs as well as the new F-Type (when and if it comes out).

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