FuUUUuUuuu Xbox

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ETB4U, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Got RROD. FOURTH one to die on me. Good thing this one is under warranty.
  2. get a ps3

  3. you play games too much

    punishment for not going to the gym
  4. Mine is fine already since 07, doesnt mean its good tho.
  7. play gran turismo 5
  8. And get a YLoD? NO thanks
  9. were the first 3 not under warranty? i am replacing my first gen elite because it just lost warranty. it still works fine, but at the same time i know it wont last forever. might as well sell it, get $150+, then replace it with a newer better model with the warranty. plus with black friday 2 days away i'll get a few game with the upgrade as well.

    on a side note, im on my 3rd PS3, and it just started having problems playing blu-rays. i am PISSED. it gets these little dots on the screen, they seem random, almost like static. and when it happens, there is a pretty good chance that it will crash the disc. at least it is also under warranty.
  10. cool story bro
  11. First two were. In fact after the first time, it wasn't even a month before it #$%#ed up again. Third time it was out of warranty, so bought this one with an extended warranty. I actually got it to work by punching it a few times. But, then I had to go and turned it off out of habit and it's not working again FML. I tried punching it again to no avail.
  12. LMAO NM I just axe kicked it a few times and it works again. I'm going to leave it on until I can take it back
  13. Next time use a hammer, It'll last 4 days then.
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  15. I hadn't played it all day. But yeah, apparently punching/kicking it works. Well, until you turn it off. RROD is "equipment malfunction". So, perhaps a short.
  16. Liberals are hacking you.
  17. PS3 rules
  18. Bought my PS3 around March of 09 and have probably logged 5~6 hr game sessions in one sitting and its still going strong.

    Just played GT5 for about 5+ hrs just now and still running smooth.

    *knock on wood
  19. Didn't know you were gay. We have a very vibrant community.

  20. I'm glade the childish banter is still around #%$got.
  21. Rich coming from the guy touching wood
  23. Nah but welcome back

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