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    eclipse gst = fwd, eclipse gsx = awd, talon tsi = fwd or awd.
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    Persoanlly I would rather have awd(all wheel drive) then fwd(front wheel drive)Eclipse but I like rear wheel drive the best only these cars(Talon/Eclipse) don't come with that option it be niice though and it be my drivetrain of choice If I were to buy one of these ,preferibly Eclipse.Looks better then Talon and it has the Better badge Mitsu not eagle heh. any ways Imports RULe!!!!

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    2002 WRX
    340 H.P. at the wheels
    3.75 0-60
    1/4 in 9.7-10.2 secs without NOS cause that shit is for pussies. Fuk up any damn mustang which people think are the greatest cars in the world for some retarded reason.O yes and i almost forgot... i hate Hondas too Because they are ecomomical crap boxes with wheels that for some reason people think should be made to go fast.

    I think that you need a little more horsepower than 340 at the wheels to run 10.00 in the 1/4 mile, for instance im pushing 550 hp and running 10.80's at 135mph.

    '91 Plymouth Laser AWD
    extremely ported FP Green Turbo
    Forged Rods and Pistons 8.5-1
    Street legal for driving
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    All of that is nice....but contact patch means absolutely d*ck when you`re talking about traction. With the same compound, an 8 in wide tire will have the same traction as a 12 in wide tire. When you understand the physics of a thing, you understand what it`s capable of......

    12in wide tires simply mean you have more room for deformation, allowing for a softer compound, and THAT is why larger tires (generally) have more traction.

    All in all, you gain more traction by putting a harder compound on those four tires, than a softer compound on two tires as the difference in the coefficient of friction changes less, than the gain of traction by the front two tires on the harder compound.....
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    The Eclipse GST is Front Wheel Drive while the GSX is AWD, the Talon TSI can be either FWD or AWD. The AWD really helps out during acceleration and is better for bad weather conditions. The awd will cost a little bit more but I thinks its worth it.
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    u people are writing some damn books here
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    This is a nice car, I've driven a couple, fwd and awd, and living in canada, I think the awd is a great all year round sports car. But I've seen quite a few awd versions with broken mechanicals, or more likely, prematurely burnt out clutch plates. Shoddy quality or abuse? Probably abuse, but i figure its from the large power this little motor puts out, if the tires dont spin, SOMETHING has to give. A good friend of mine has a 94 awd talon tsi, and hes done the clutch twice, and replaced 3 rear axle shafts. For my money, I'll take the fwd turbo version, tires are cheaper to replace than clutchs and axles.
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    Talon TSi and Eclipse GSX are both all wheel drive turbo and I would much rather have awd then fwd(front wheel drive)Although I prefer rear wheel drive the best.I'm sure people have already explained the differences by now so i'm not gonna get into that.
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    FWD is better on a highway if you ever loose control. What do you think happens when you are accelerating at 100+kmh an hour and 2 wheels hit ice and start spinning while the other are gripping and driving your car forward? Bad things my friend bad things.
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    Do you care so much about post count that you are PWing like thin all the threads? Respect around here is not that important anyway, and even then this is not a good way to get it. Post count means precisly crapola where knowlege is concerned. I have met many members with less than half my number of posts who know much more than I do.
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    AWD is better.
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    Did you just say WORD? I think its rather funny
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    i think they were available as both awd and fwd
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    this is a false statement ... i have a 90 tsi awd (made in 89 ... 1st year made) ... the gsx,tsi awd, and rs turbo awd are top of the line models ... next in the food chain is the gs turbo (gst was not yet a "class"),tsi front wheel drive, rs turbo... so on so fourth. this "pootz" awd system was being used in japland in lancer turbos and galant vr-4s ... i agree that our awd system is not as good as "real" awd with longitudal based engines ... but hey, it's still awd. also AWDs are great for drag/street racing, FWDs are better for track/highway racing ... and better on tires (can't rotate tires on an awd to scrape pennies)
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    ummmm ok, id like to see your honda that could beat a awd tsi in the 1/4 mile. stock= there is no way in hell! you'd have to have some major mods... talons were one of the quickest stock 1/4 mile times in their day...
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  22. I own a 97Tsi AWD
    There were 4 models of eagel talons
    Eagle Talon (eclipse rs)
    Eagle Talon Esi (eclipse gs)
    Eagle Talon Tsi (eclipse gst
    Eagle Talon Tsi AWD (eclipse gsx)

    AWD has better traction off the line, and better handling around corners than FWD, but an AWD system is much heavier than a FWD system.

    Newer AWD systems such as Subaru WRX and Mistu Evo are infinetly better than older systems such as those on the eclipse/talon/laser models of the 90's the reason being is that they are monitored by a computer, this means if there is any wheel spin the computer automatically sends the power from this wheel to the other wheels that still have traction.

    In short AWD is better than FWD, and 2000+ Subaru & Mitsu AWD is better than 90's AWD.

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