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  1. the AWD Eclipse and Talon are not 40/60 or even 50/50 it would be more like 60 in the front and then 40 in the rear, all of the AWD's start as a front wheel drive and then gets a viscous coupling device put on it, that is why if you ever go to a REAL drag reace they put the talons and eclipses in the FWD catagory even though technically they are AWD because there is always power going to all wheels, i have worked on them with my dad since 1998 when we bought our first eclipse gsx
  2. if your friend is burning up axle shafts and clutches that fast he is either running some crazy numbers i have never seen or he just does not know how to drive and AWD car through the streets, give it a little clutch while taking a slow tight turn and it will get less power to the wheels putting less stress on the axle, as for the clutch burning, quit popping it if your not going to upragde it, the 4g63 makes a lot of power and it WILL burn up a clutch if somebody is not treating it right
  3. AWD's start as Rear wheel drive, with a transfer case and coupling, cv joints, etc. added. If you've worked on them so much, then how come you think they have a front wheel bias, in general, ALL AWD's have a rear power bias.

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