FX vs. Edonis (styling only)!

Discussion in '2001 B.Engineering Edonis' started by daneedfospeed7, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Which one looks better?

    I think the FX looks better. The Edonis' proportions just look uneven and cluttered by too many air scoops. The FX is not beautiful either, but IMO it looks much better.
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    Edonis, although the windshield looks stupid<!-- Signature -->
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    thats enzo, i say it has a better looking design then the Edonis
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    The edonis is great from all sides except the front... erugh!! thoose front lights, looks like something I would have dreamnt up when I was eight! as for the Enzo, I didn't like it when I first saw it but its growing on me
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    i would say the edonis but that is just cuz i think the enzo is horribly ugly not to say it is bad car though because it has great performance but styling it is U-G-L-Y
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    this car looks awesome
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    umm are u lot stupid! the enzo and fx are totally differnt cars!

    the ferrari fx is a special conecpt car, only 3 where made,

    and to think u guys think u know about cars?

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