G35 V.S. BMW 330Ci

Discussion in '2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe' started by liran, Aug 9, 2002.

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    every BMW is better than that car !
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    No contest in my mind. If Nissan holds true to pricing this under $30k the G35 is...
    -$8000 cheaper (about 20%)
    -has 45 more horsepower (that's also 20%)
    -has 46 more lb-ft (again, 20%)
    -available with a 6 speed instead of a 5 as in the 330Ci (also 20%- how ironic).

    I guess my conclusion is that the G35 offers 20% more horsepower, 20% more torque and 20% more gears at a 20% lower price. I personally prefer the looks of the G35, too. And would you really want to follow the yuppie crowd and drive a 3 series? The G35 is much more unique.
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    G35 for the perfs
    BMW to hunt for girls ! lol
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from deuginthesky</i>
    <b>G35 for the perfs
    BMW to hunt for girls ! lol</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    i agree, the G35 has gotta be faster, but the bimmer has a reputation that the G35 cannot take away ('specially from the women)
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    330ci don't stand much a chance against this in performance...IMO<!-- Signature -->
  6. which one would u take?~<!-- Signature -->
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    BMW has consistantly been dominant in the sports compact sedan category, they hav unbelievable staility and amazing reliablility, this might be great competition, i think thtat i would rather have the bimmer though
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    This ca sux, ill take the bimmer, =even if it was missing half of its front due to an accident.!
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    i don't really like the style but the back looks good......and the 275HP in it! thats better than some V8s... i think ill take this even if its VS a BMW or even a German car
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    BAD=TOYOTA,All G.M.,Chrysler,VW,and ,all korean cars

    I'm sorry but i have to respond to this. You do realize that GM, owns large bits of both Lotus and Alfa? And also that Chrysler owns part of Mitsu. Just thought i might bring that to your attention so that you might consider altering your qoute<!-- Signature -->
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    Tough one, very tough. My two favorite brands in the world are Nissan and BMW. I must say the G35 wins on the power front. However BMW's pull extremely good times even without much power so that may not mean much at the drag strip. Handling may go to BMW, because I think nissan may soften the handling on here a bit too much making it more of a luxury biased ride. However it is based on the Skyline so Nissan may stay true and make it a true handler, which will make for a very good competition as far as handling. The G35 coupe will definetely win on the pricing front as it cheaper. Styling is tough, thats just personal preference, though BMW may win on this issue. I don't think one can go either way on here until the final G35 coupe makes it here with its 6 speed manual. What a competition this will be!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Think I will save money and get the fully loaded G35, although I imagine the Bimmer is a little quicker.<!-- Signature -->
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    Easily this car over the 330I. I'm sure performance is going to be very close, close enough to compete if needs be, again some people have to have the car performing at the top. Styling, right now I like this more becuase it's different. Very crisp & flowing lines. Looks like a diamond.<!-- Signature -->

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