Galant VR-4

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  2. My dad used to have the regular sedan of that generation. It was called the Mitsubishi MS in my country.
  3. Mitsubishi MS-13?
  4. Nah just MS (Mitsubishi Sedan)
  5. I would love to take the '03 Galant (when Mitsu first came to Canada with the exception of Toronto) and convert it to Vr4 spec. Yum.
  6. Galant VR4s are cool. Plus in the US they're rather rare, so you could potentially come out decent in the long haul if they appreciate some. AWD Turbo Mitsubishi's kick ass.
  7. They arent allowed in toronto? Or they allways had them in toronto
  8. We didn't get mitsubishi here until 2003 besides the rebadged eagles and dodges.
  9. Toronto from what what I understand got Mitsubishi dealerships in 2002, while the rest of Canada got them in 2003. The later gen VR4 isn't legal here either way, since it's not 15 years old. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  10. They've got bloody tempremental engines. There used to be absolutly tons of them here, but slowly over the years you see less and less. There's hardly any in any sort of going condition now.
  11. It's the 4g63, same engine as the evo, the only issue in the early ones were crankwalk and that rarely happens on them stock.
  12. The later model VR4 runs a TT unit of I belive the original V6. That or, it could be the 3000GT engine, I don't know.
  13. Actually it's not the early 4G63s. It's the ones from the mid 90s, as in early 2nd Gen Eclipses. The earlier engines didn't have that problem. And the 4G63 is generally a pretty good engine. The weak point on the Mitsu's has always been their clutchs and transmissions, but even those can be built to handle as much power as most people would ever want for the street.
  14. I dunno about current Galant VR4s (I'm assuming they have a current model since they've always had them) but the mid-late 90s ones had a 2.5L TT v6. It was based off of the same block as the 3000GTs engine. It also featured AWD/AWS, I think AWS was dropped later on as with the 3000GT VR4. They're supposed to be decent as well.
  15. I have a 4G63, yay!
  16. A buddy of mine is staying with me until he can find a place to stay for school. He has a '91 that is fairly nice and it's an awesome car. Says that handling is shitty though, a lot of understeer.

    The one below runs an 11.95 in the quarter. With the right mods these old things can be fast as hell. For fairly cheap, too.
  17. like exer said, the 95-99 models had crankwalk issues and are distinguished by the 7 bolted flywheel pattern as opposed to the 6-bolt of the early previous models. 6-bolts never had the problem which is why you see a lot of people doing bottom end swaps on 95-99 models. actually, it's a given if you plan to seriously mod the car. the vr-4's came with the 6-bolt so no worries.
  18. The real question is can you drift it?
  19. AWD can't drift, n00b
  20. i heard that generation was really awesome.
  21. Says you, n00b
  22. very nice
  23. HAHAHA
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