Galant VR-4

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  1. Looks to be in great shape!
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    Sexy goodness! One of the other cars I was seriously considering a few months ago. If I'd found one in Washington I probably would have got it. But they're rare, and I found my Jaguar right around the corner from my house. So that's what I got. Definately going to get my hands on one someday though.

    Your bro going to mod it or anything? They're as good at making inital power gains as first gen Eclipses, since they have the exact same engine. Should be able to get ~280-300ish IIRC just off of basic mods. And if he's not doing 6000 RPM clutch drops all the time it should be fairly reliable still.
  3. Sounds like he just want to do turbo timer and a block heater for the winter.
  4. Cool. I'm sure it's a pretty fun car even stock.
  5. He'll want to mod it eventually, he's kinda concerned about reliability though
  6. Well fontunately there is a huge following for them. Not the VR4s specifically, but for the Eclipses. The info on the web is endless about the 1st Gen DSMs, and they share the engine and many other parts with the VR4.

    As stated, the engines are supposed to be pretty tough. It's the clutchs and trannys that have to be babied. Some people claim that they're actually tough as hell too, it's all the high RPM clutch drops to maximize the AWD that kill them quick. But as stated he'll be able to find plenty of info about everything if he just trips around the web a bit.

    If/when he does get into modding it you should post that info up when it happens. Especially if he does any dynos after mods or anything like that.
  7. too bad i dont speak asian
  8. I always liked those. I wouldn't mind getting one, but there pretty rare here.
  9. right hand drive cars in a lhd country is a recipe for disaster. all the skylines that have been imported have been known to cause accidents and when they do the import and lack of visibilty is to blame.
  10. not really, it's mainly the people that import Skyline GTS-T who think they're hot shit and are terrible drivers anyway.
  11. Better to put in a late model 4g63t from an evo than the 2.5 v6 tt.

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