Gallardo vs F430

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by TNThunder, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. well a Ferrari F430 and a Gallardo recently raced in perth. romour has it thet the F430 absolutely melted the competition... well y dont u take a look...
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  6. wtf1?
  7. Surely:
    Supeleggera > F430 > Gallardo SE > Gallardo 520hp > Galllardo 500hp
    Strong Probably:
    430 Scuderia > Superleggera
    hard to say:
    LP560/4 Vs 430 Scuderia and Superleggera (Lp560 is powerful, but heavy)
  8. For a daily driver, the gallardo.

    For a fun car, the ferrari.
  9. Superleggera/LP560 >>>>> any 430
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    to contribute to the thread, this is probably the best video we have of an F430 vs a Gallardo:

    the first race the F430 gets the jump, the second one isnt really a race, but the third one is a very equal start as you dont hear either car destinctly get on the throttle first. this race is VERY close.

    both cars are paddle shift. the Gallardo has a tubi, but im pretty sure it doesnt make any more power because of it (does sound better though!).

    with a 40 lbs drop in weight and a 40 hp gain and a 20 ft-lbs gain and shifts as fast as the F1, the LP560 would obliderate the F430. would be interesting compared to an F430S though!
  11. Gallardo
  12. the truth is the opposite of this post.
  13. About straightline:
    Gallardo, 520hp and SE are slower than F430
    Superleggera is similar than F430: similar 0-100, 0-200, Km and top speed (around 315 Kph)
    LP560 surely will be fatser than F430.
    Scuderia is surely faster than Superleggera (0-200 and Km: Scuderia less than 12.0s; less than 21.0s - Gallardo SL: more than 12.0s and 21.0s)
    Hard to say about LP560 Vs Scuderia, cause LP560 is much more powerful , but much more heavier than Scuderia
  14. the Gallardo, 520 hp and SE are slightly faster than F430. the MY04 (493 hp) is slightly slower (look at video I posted). the Superleggera would squash the F430 (approx same weight, but 40 more hp, and 40 more ft-lbs of torque. I think the Scuderia and SL would be very close as they both lost 220 lbs over their little brothers and gained a tiny bit of power.
  15. ZR1 >>> GT2 >>> 430 S >>> Gallardo SL
  16. the truth is the opposite of this post.
  17. 520hp and SE are slower than F430. Full Stop. F430 does 0-200 Kph between 12.2s and 13.0s. Gallardo SE and 520hp does everytime more than 13.0s. full stop.
    Gallardo SL does same performances of F430, best ever are: 0-200 12.2.s, 1 Km 21.2s, as like as F430. Full stop.
    Next time read some magazines before touch your keypad, or please show us some test where a gallardo 520hp/SE go faster than F430
  18. f430 all the way!!! c'mooooonnnnnnn!!!!!!!
  19. guess the F430 is slower than the GTR too. if you listen to magazines.

    magazines get juiced up cars as it better for the company's image when their car 'wins' over another.

    you really think that with equal weight and down significantly on power and torque the F430 can stand with a superleggera?

    I already posted a video of a pre SE gallardo that stood bumper to bumper with an F430. the SE would be SLIGHTLY faster (probably dead equal with an F430) and the superleggera would be quite a bit faster. from a dig, the superleggera has a LC system and a better clutch than the older gallardos and hence it gets to 60 in less than 3.5 seconds whereas the older Gallardos were not even close.

    I really dont care what magazines say.

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