Gallardo vs F430

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  2. "I really dont care what magazines say. "
    "I consider we've given the Fiorano a good shot. I'm happy with the best lap of 1:23.10, that puts it ahead of the Z06, F430, 911 GT3 RS and Ascari KZ1. However, it transpires that the Ferrari boys had their own target and they're disappointed that I haven't been able to beat the time of the four-wheel-drive Lamborghini Gallardo.

    What about your signature....?
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  4. I've seen both side by side, heard both side by side, and sat in them numerous times ( I've never drove them so still hard to really tell ), but every time they are side by side, the Gallardo looks so much better, has so much more presence, the 430 sounds like a crotch rocket while the Gallardo shakes the ground and punches me in the gut. The 360 was better than the 430 in my opinion.

    I can't choose on performance. The 430 should be better, but I've never driven them.

    From what I have experienced, Gallardo.
  5. I put that signature in when FNAF was all "ferrari doesnt care what lambo does... blah blah".

    and no, I dont take EVO's lap times as final, end of discussion material.

    Ive spoken to many people who have driven the cars, and all of them have said that the Gallardos (all years) are pretty much identical to the F430 in a straight line. and that the superleggera, up to 90-100 mph, hang with an LP640.
  6. lambornina is a tool

    so is mafalda.

    The difference between these cars is so minute that it pretty much all comes down to personal opinion.
  7. "The difference between these cars is so minute that it pretty much all comes down to personal opinion. "

    thats what ive been saying towards the gallardo and the f430. but for the superleggera... this is what one guy who has driven both the f430 and SL said towards the LP560 article in EVO:

    "LOL, one really doesn't know what to believe from the media! I don't doubt that the Scud MIGHT have an edge over the SL but calling the Scud smoking the SL is just grossly overstated. This is supplemented by the absolute fact that the SL walks all over the F430 (I've driven both and I give credit to the F430 but the clear winner is the SL.)"

    he recently bought a superleggera(I think), and his username is VCR on lambopower, just in case you want to go there and ask for yourself.
  8. exactly. theres no technical reason to choose one over the other.
  9. Yep,it all comes down to YOU!
  11. Nah, mafalda is not a tool.
  12. I've just posted facts...
    When I post opinions of mine, I start with "My opinion is..."
    If some members likes to say "Lamborghini Jalpa is faster than 599 GTB", this is not a problem of mine
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  15. Mafalda rocks!Nice avatar!
  16. yeh i agree. nice avatar. and "c'mon Kimmi
  17. fine, you wanna argue magazines... a place were the F430 loses to the superleggera in EVERY track time and as the superleggera does 123 mph in 11.7 seconds (thus to 124 mph/200 km/h in less than 12), and 0-60 in 3.4-3.5 seconds, loses to it in the straight line as well.

    buddy, im telling you, the Gallardo and F430 are near identical in a straight line. I even posted a race to show you. and I posted the experience of a person who has driven all three.
  18. doesnt it depend what model year? because early gallardos were not as quick as early f430's.

    thats being said, the newest model years are indentical
  19. It does. Starting from 2006, the base Gallardo included the SE's performance boosts (+20bhp, better steering, etc); that puts it pretty much neck-and-neck with the F430 in a straight line. Claiming that an F430 is equal to a Superleggera is just ludicrous - no matter how much quicker the F1 transmission's shifts are, the SL is lighter and much more powerful.
    It's also more expensive, so it's not like there's any shame in it. That's what I find ridiculous about the LP640 vs SLR debate - given the price difference it's like comparing a Cayman with a 911. Competitors are defined by their pricetags.

    Assuming the magazine is on the level, I can only assume that the two cars had very different weights of fuel, luggage and passengers. Maybe Johnny Vegas was sitting on the Superleggera's hood.
    Or maybe their timing equipment wasn't up to a professional standard (that's probably more likely).
  20. yes. but the power gain was very sublte. it was the gearing that had more of an effect.

    to put it into perspective, one murcielago owner raced a 04 gallardo with exhaust and won by something like 1-2 lengths. the same murcielago won against an f430 by about 1-2 car length as well.

    so ON AVERAGE the regular gallardos are pretty much identical in a straight line to the f430. I say on average because it very well depends on the passangers, fuel levels, driver ability and whether or not the car are paddle paddle shift cars are heavier than their manual counter parts.

    now the superleggera on the other hand weighs the same as an f430 (~3300 lbs, down from 3500ish) and has 40 ft-lbs more torque and 40 more hp. not to mention the egear is hugely improved over the regular Gallardo.
  21. Daily Driver/ Flaunting Car: Gallardo........

    Track Car: F430
  22. 1. I don't say "F430 is faster than Gallardo SL on track". Never. Now you must post a link where I wrote something like this.
    2. Post # 36 “Supeleggera > F430”
    3. About straight line 0-200 Kph:
    Quattroruote: twice 12.5s
    Autozeitung: 12.2s
    Autobild: 12.5s
    Sport Auto and AMuS: I don't remeber as well, about 12.8s - 13.0s (Ajzahn...)

    Gallardo 500hp:
    Autozeitung: 13.2s
    Quattroruote: 13.8s
    Sport Auto: 13.0s
    AMuS: 13.8s

    Gallardo 520Hp
    Autozeitung: 13.4s
    Quattroruote: 14.4s
    Autobild: 13.1s

    Gallardo SE
    Quattroruote: 13.2s
    Auto: 11.97s @ 197.4 Kph (ext. 200: 12.3s)
    Sport Auto: 14.4s
    Autobild: 13.6s

    Gallardo SL:
    Quattroruote: 12.2s
    Sport Auto: 13.6s
    Auto: 11.9s @ 196 Kph (ext. 200 Kph: 12.3-12.4s)

    Let’s go to the USA ¼ mile
    R&T: 11.7s @ 120.1
    MT: 11.7 @ 122.8
    C&D: 11.7 @ 123

    Gallardo 500hp
    C&D: 12.4 @ 118
    R&T: 12.3 @ 117.4
    MT: 12.5 @ 116.7 Kph

    Gallardo SL
    R&T: 11.7 @ 121.3
    C&D: 11.7 @ 123

    Spyder comparo (MT)
    F430: 12.0 sec @ 120.7
    Gallardo 520hp: 12.1 sec @ 116.3 mph

    F430 is definitlely faster than old Gallards (try to make an avg...), and with very stable results.
    Gallardo SL is not faster ion straight than F430. Full stop.
    Now go with your friend to denigrate ferrari.
  23. Now he will say that he doesn't care about magazine tests and that he'd rather trust the words from owners and their "tests" ("tests" that you can see on youtube when their drag-race their cars on public roads - Very scientific).

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