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  1. Right now, when you add a page it automaticall becomes the last of the gallery; it would be nice being able to place it after/before a specific page. Anyway, it's a great job, and works superb <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  2. enlarge pics to 1600 instead of 1024 resolution !!!
  3. a counter how often a gallery was clicked, would be great to see how popular it is
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    This is the link from the main page for the 2006 Detroit NAIAS Gallery:
    If you check it, you'll find the "Next" red button is not there anymore, whereas if you click (the link from the personal profile) the button is there. I think this is definitely something to have checked, as right now I bet some people will be missing pics from that gallery for not knowing there are more pages in it.
  5. Sorry for the question- But I guess because my join date is pre-2000 it isnt listed correctly? I joined in September 99.... around the beginning of the month.
  6. When they updated the forums a lot of join dates got lost, that's why. Mine isn't correct either.
  7. Is FTP a possibility?
  8. obviously yes but it creates security problems and demands a lot more of the servers/connection because members will be uploading a lot more.
  9. This is, we are beyond Internet.
  10. some stats like how many pages and pics are in that gallery would be fine
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  12. Would be good to see a list of the best/most viewed/highest rated galleries, becasue right now I don't know who has a gallery and who hasn't. Or if I want to see if someone has a gallery I have to find one of their posts before I can see it. A page with th ebest galleries, and maybe a section with ones that have been recently made would be good.
  13. if there are several pages in a gallery it would be very useful to see how many pages there are, maby to have some kind of short listing?
  14. I have two questions: am I allowed to delete a gallery that I created? And may I put in the gallery high-resolution pictures without resizing them?
  15. It's your gallery so you should be free to delete it whenever you want. And I believe the pictures get resized automatically.
  16. yeh, it takes the width as basis to resize (1024x), the height is unlimited.
  17. Thank you guys

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