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  1. I gamble on games of Backgammon. That's about it.
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  4. I'll play craps at the casino once in a while
  5. ahhhhhhhhh i am falling i must say
  6. Human race is falling
  7. I wager with my friend over when wells will be completed.
  8. did u fall today, Gentleman?
  9. Shall i sleep?
  10. I'm in a lottery pool at work, and once in a while I'll hit A-C and play some blackjack, but I'm more into wasting my bucks on my cars. lol
  11. I must visit the bathroom, as i just had tea. Gentlemen, i must beg your leave now.
  12. Sorry, buying a lottery ticket is not gambling. It's only hope.

  13. its gambling
  14. No, it's not.
  15. online poker, small buy-in tournaments only
  16. i haven't but my brother was down there a couple months back, he rated it.
  17. i never bother going in on work pools - if i win i want it all!

  18. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  19. Gentlemen,

    After amassing vast wealth, i am implored to take a deep look at my life? Does my Swiss bank account, Gold Bullion, Billions in the Stock Markets, Villas and Chatoes and esquist cars bring inner peace and mind relaxation?

    The answer is indeed no. No Gentlemen No. This is why i have decided to take a yoga retreat. Not just any yoga retreat but one lifestyle that goes back to the 19th century. Away from the live of capitilism and into a life of nature and harmony. You may have your input into this complex discussion.

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