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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Neat. Dirt2 was the last game I purchased, Dirt3 might be the next. What wheel do you have? How do the snow stages feel to you?

    Also, how many simultaneous racers will it allow online?
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    That would be the ideal setup for me, #$%# pretending to hold the wheel like a mime, but physical controls with head tracking field of view is pretty sweet.
  3. I just played Forza in public lobbies with a couple of friends, the result is two out of three of us getting kicked from the lobby after getting hit and pit maneuvered , one guy sending me the text message "porch monkey" and another sending me a voice message talking about how I don't even deserve to own a copy of the game. What a bunch of savages.
  4. forza people are brutal sometimes
  5. ugh my goatse vinyl got flagged for review lol
  6. Scoff. I got a death threat on halo for kicking someone that team killed me twice.
  7. lol i wish i'd saved some of the hate mail i've gotten. particularly from MW2. it's mostly strings of curse words in random order but some people are pretty creative
  8. Your rep must be awful. Mine is so bad. I can basically chart it: wait 5 minutes after a dominating match, check my rep, yup it's gone down.
  9. Free Black Ops Weekend
    Anyone with a Steam account will be able to download and play the game with unlimited access to all of the Call of Duty Multiplayer Modes.

    - I downloaded World of Tanks and crash to desktop every time. What other free games do you guys play. Age of Conan is free since May 25th.
  10. i hate getting those messages from people on call of duty that are like 'YA IM HOSTING A 15TH PRESTIGE LOBBY only 1500 ms points" or some bs
  11. haha, sounds familiar.
  12. Heart of the Swarm

    Probably not going to buy it.
  13. Any of you guys download the free games at the Playstation store?
  14. haha me too

    It usually happened after I killed someoen with a throwing knife
  15. Srsly. Ever since I started playing and smashing Bad Company 2 online, my rep has gone down so much lol, even though I play very fairly <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  16. I want some more Diablo 3 info next week. I guess it doesn't matter much since I'm still playing Diablo 2.
  17. anyone play witcher 2? supposed to be great

    portal 2 has been good too
  18. lol at my rep for smashing kids on the call of duty games (ive had live for 3 years or so)

    29% preferred you or did not submit a review about you.

    71% avoided you. See Details for more info.

    post yours, i should start noob tubing to make it go up to 80-90% or so
  19. my rep is 50% - 50%

  20. I cant even be bothered to do a review about someone lol
  21. if someone drives shit on forza and his status = pro then i give a bad review about him, otherwise i dont really care.
  22. I give bad reviews to people I don't want to play with again like super laggy people or dumbasses that don't understand how to play the game.


    83% avoided you.

    8% trash talking - I don't ever use my mic and if I do it's in a private chat.
    8% aggressive
    30% unsporting
    30% quit early - I almost never leave a match early.

    People get butthurt to easy.

  23. Dead Nation is so much fun.

    Would never have bought it before but since it was free it's excellent.

    I'll probably never play through inFamous though because the demo was gash.
  24. Was playing BC2 yesterday and owned this one guy and his tank with C4 3 times in a row. Received a message from him: "Mod control".

    ??The #$%#??
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    Remember that sweet CGI trailer for that zombie game Dead Island ...

    20 minutes of gameplay:


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