Game Thread 3000 PART 2011

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. is pratol 2 out yet
  2. Can you wait a bit longer?

    Xbox live dashboard had a sale not to long ago for 39.99 for 12months and kmart too.
  3. yeah but how fast can it run crysis
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    la noire looks sick

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    HAHAHA, how old are you? son? boy? LMAO like i said before, get off the internet you pathetic pedo, when you become even in the slightest, intelligent, come back and talk. Untill then shut your #$%#ing mouth and atleast think about what you are saying, you think that because i commented about how bad the models are on youtube, i couldn't do better, you must be retarded. Especially since i happen to work at lionhead and am easily capable of doing so...
  6. please stop uploading old videos
    are you #$%#ing retarded
  7. Hey virgins,

    someone gave me a free indie-game pack bundle or something. Its got a bunch of games I've never heard of, "Trine", "Shadowgrounds", "Jack Claw" and "Splot"

    Anyone play any of these? I might try Trine.
  8. those games are so post shoe gazing its not even funny
  9. Heard Trine was good. All I have heard of.
  10. man i #$%#in love nu gaze
  11. Playing Mass Effect 2 again on the PS3.

    God I love BioWare's work.
  12. Pfft, i'm so post-moderngenre, i've transcended any sort of labeling. Get on my level.
  13. You probably got those gifts because someone bought the Potato bundle of indie games for the TF2 hats. I think Valve set it up so you could gift the games in the bundle you already owned.
  14. Ya I think that's how it happened. Someone was saying they had "extra stuff" or something. tbh i still dont' get what i got, but i guess I can download these games and try it out.
  15. hey how do you get the gnome to the end of the game to beat it in hl2
    please help becausei want the achievement xbox 360
  16. in episode 2? just carry it with you
  17. thanks
    i asked 944turb0 but he didnt know
    well he did
    but he just watched a youtube video on it
    i want someone with experience
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    flaregun was already good. wtf did they do to it?
  20. whoa theres a gnome in episdoe 2????
  21. whoa whoa...backburner has airblast now?
    #$%# id own so hard with it
  22. flaregun was shit compared to shotgun. now it does crits to people on fire at any distance.
  23. aww cute someone had trouble using flaregun
  24. it already did crits to people on fire didnt it?

    flare gun owned before update time to take advantage and rape
  25. and someone doesn't know how to use the shotgun

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