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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

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  3. I think I'm getting the hang of the 905 here.
  4. Duke Nukem Forever was good. Recommend.
  5. since when do knives shoot fire?
  6. Does that game have exploding barrels?
  7. no, why
  8. lol way to disguise as scout. you f2p or what
  9. lol

    *gimp ass looking scout hobbles by slowly* hmm thats odd
  10. lol as if anyone notices that
  11. i do instantly

    f2p players prolly dont
  12. f2p scrub doesnt know what f2p means

  13. oh so it's free to play. bunch of nerds.

    tf2 is free to play now? lame.

    installed it after not playing it for a few months, because i heard of the "big" update. only a few gay weapons wasn't worth it.
  14. f2p cakers are so bad

    sometimes you can push a cart by yourself all the way to the finish on hightower as heavy they are really that bad
  15. nothing wrong with disguising as scout if youre not out in the open
  16. mac laren f1 (regular version) is going to be in forza 4
    im going to pic that car
  17. Link?
  18. lol ive been in f2p matches where i single handedly lead our team to victory
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  20. didnt know the f1 had a compartment on the side.
  21. F2P = *** to Play

    new way to buy videogames, you *** to pr0n then you get free credits.
  22. microsoft needs to hire one person, just one. what that person needs to do is shift through all the games available on xbox live and make sure the prices are current. just checked Pirates! and it is still $15 on there. several other older games that are horribly over priced as well.

    the only digital distributer that does a good job is steam. not surprisingly.
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    Deus Ex - Conspiracy Trailer


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