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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. got an invite for the BF3 alpha, downloading now. sucks you have to use ea's shitty version of steam to get it
  2. howd you get it?
  3. is EA still terrib? via ruining the james bond games?
  4. ea, pooping out sequels every year

    same with activision
  5. conclusion so far: its bad company 3. they fixed the mouse smoothing but the shooting still feels clunky and unsatisfying. it looks and plays pretty much the same as bc2. also it uses your web browser to find and join games like quake live. the air vehicles are the real reason i like battlefield though, and i don't think there are any in the alpha
  6. i wish #%$gots gammers would stop playing first person shooter games so #%$got developers would stop making them for #%$got companies who just want to rip off the #%$got gamers playing the same game over and over again under a different #%$got title every time.
  7. call of duty needs huge maps + vehicles
  8. Anybody with xbox live, I recommend getting 'From Dust' or at least trying the trial... its so awesome
  10. and a completely new graphics engine
  11. Yup played the trial. Liked it alot. Probably spend the 15 bucks or whatever for the full thing. Do you know how long it is?
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  13. whats from dust
    black & white 3?
  14. when asks what your age is i wonder what percentage of peoples birthday is january 1 1985
  15. At least Battlefield has been spared. Has gotten a very long development cycle.

    Seriously cannot #$%#ing wait.
  16. Leave that to Battlefield who can actually do it properly.

    Let the COD noobs have their own little run n' gun shitfest.
  17. Will BF3 have exploding barrels?
  18. run and gunners are the biggest noobs of cod
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    Should have.

    More than anything I hope BF3 has this on more MP levels:

    Twas utterly hillarious to try using it on the Cold War level on BC2, especially with half your team standing in the back. Terribly slow, terrible handling, and would pretty much explode at the drop of a hat.
  20. I will probably buy BF3, depends on how much it feels like BF:BC i guess
  21. Most reports I've heard says it feels more like BF2 than BC or BC2. For me though, I would love if it is more like BC2. Seriously the most epic fun I've ever had (and still continue to have) on an FPS.
  22. get on forza now
  23. It's a sequel to a game that came out in 2005....
  24. i tot bf3 was middle east but why is russia fighting america in paris
  25. ran out of AA batteries and dnot have cable for xbox controller

    just rigged it to run on AAAs hell eyah

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