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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. better than portal 1? portal 1 kinda sucked.
  2. Ugh stop
  3. it was fun for the first few maps, then it got boring and repetitive ok.
  4. Lol you didn't finish it?
    Ugh no wonder
  5. oh snap portal 2 came out already.

    shit im too busy to start shit up now. oh well ill have all summer.
  6. I know this is way after the game came out but good impressions from Dead Space 2 so far. Really intense with the lights out playing in 5.1 surround.
  7. Portal 2 is great. Me an ryanator just finished up co-op. I only meant to take a quick glance but I just kept playing.

    Some of the later puzzles were quite good. Early on it was a bit boring since I think Valve thought people might do co-op first, so there are a bunch of hand-holding ones.
  8. ew gay you two holding hands
    dont see how thats a puzzle
    except for some puzzled feelings
  9. yeah the co-op was great. finished up single player too, both combined took about 10 hours. real productive day today
  10. the game forces you to hug
  11. you cant force the willing
  12. the game doesnt "force" you to have an erection either
  13. im on second oldschool gel level
    how far am i in the game????????????????????
    (no spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  14. this made me lol but i really wish theyd tone down the silly moneky cheese nerd humor. ya we get it portal was lol u dont have to rub it into our faces every 15 seconds
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  16. portal 2 is amazing.
  17. i dont get it
  18. hint: youre a #%$got
  19. you do realize that only the first half of Portal 1 was in those experiment rooms right? those rooms just teach you basic and advanced mechanics for the real game that starts at the end of level 19.
  20. dont try

  21. Portal 2 is incredible. The Mod community will start pumping out mind bending puzzles soon. I'm a fan of Extras and Ricky Gervais podcast, Steven Merchant was great casting. 944turb0 probably sucks the fun out of any room he's sitting in, like the ghost of an asshole, but he's right that humour outweighs tension throughout. I agree with him, tip the scales more towards suspense.
  22. i know. i was passed that i think.
  23. yeah, the reason portal was so humerus was the fact that glados maintained a somwhat serious tone and the jokes were a bit more subtle. its all in your face comedy here.
  24. the ending was gay as hell
  25. you just dl it yesterday
    god, such a game freak

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