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  1. if BF3 feels anything like the BC games, it will suck. It needs to go back to the 1942/vietnam mod/desert combat mod feeling days.
  2. I loved the AC-130 in Desert Combat as a spawn point. That and stingers...
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    I had never heard of the game Eyecreate for PS3 before but this vid is hilarious:

  4. F1 2010 without any aids is epic
  5. Lol you're kidding right? It's still pretty damn easy and not realistic at all on the hardest settings when playing with a steering wheel. way too much grip.

    F1 2011 will be a lot harder and realistic apparently with a real simulation option.
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    Where are those people from, i cant figure out if they are foreign or just from newcastle
  7. lol, they're Swedish
  8. maybe it's as simple as tweaking values in the .ini file.
  9. There's already plenty of mods out
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  14. 3 was nice, but it was a bit too limited or something.
  15. I was searching for a new game similar to Settlers 7 or Anno 1404 but apparently there is nothing out yet at the moment. Also just noticed the new Anno will be situated in the future.
  16. red orchestra 2 coming out the 30th

    the best most realistic fps ever hell eyah
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    lol heavy vs scout
  18. exactly my point, this is pretty much the reason why I didn't do all missions
  19. Goddamned, just bought Borderlands: GOTY edition which includes the 4 DLC's on steam but the servers are too busy so I can't download <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    FTMFL <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    edit: changed download region settings to the Netherlands and now it's working <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
    +5Mb/sec FTW <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
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    haha, that's great
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    That tech is a bunch of bullshit.

    All that is is a pre-sorted sparse octree based lookup for voxel raycasting.

    Translation: it's a bunch of useless shit.

    This sort of tech has been around for a while and it's used in medical imagining since it gives an immense amount of detail.

    Unlimited detail: bullshit. For one, if you look at the video you'll see how a ton of shit is repeated, this is because the amount of data you need for that amount of detail is immense. Repeating shit takes up the same amount of memory no matter how many times you repeat it, which is why everything is tiled all over the place.

    They mention 64 "atoms" (who the hell calls point cloud data atoms) per mm^3. The "atom"'s position is intrinsic to how it's stored, but you obviously need color data, so normally that would be 32 bits.

    so 1 mm^3 is 256 bytes of just color data, and you're not including normal vectors which would also be another 32 bits, which are used for lighting, which is why you don't see any dynamic lighting in their videos.

    anyway, if 1 mm^3 is 256 bytes. So imagine 1 cubic meter, which isn't that big at all, and that has 1000000000 mm^3 of volume if it's completely filled. 1000000000 * 256 bytes is 238 gigabytes.

    So take a car that's in forza or something. That given all of the empty space, at that data resolution it could easily take up 40-50 GB of just color data.

    So good, now all of your cars are 60 GB of data each. Good luck animating them using sparse octrees. Notice nothing in that video moves, that's because animating voxels stored that way is extremely difficult, and slow. The only dynamic animation you'll ever get is rotation of groups of points, and even that is incredibly slow.

    So look at this video:

    That's one character, with a data resolution a fraction of what these guys are claiming, and it's running on top of the line hardware at ~35 fps. And that's cutting edge stuff, 2-3 years from any production environment.

    And how that's done is that each frame of an animation is stored off on it's own, so if your 60 gb model has 300 frames of animation (which is an INCREDIBLY small amount), that's 60gb x 300.

    If you want dynamic animations which are heavily used in games like assasins creed or in multiplayer games where you can aim in arbitrary directions. Forget it. Notice that the data is presorted, which is why it's so fast. Moving any of the data around is extremely expensive.

    And the last point is lighting. Notice that nothing is dynamically lit. Polygon tech has had some sort of dynamic lighting since quake 1. They claim to have lighting down but as I mentioned before, to get proper dynamic lighting you need at the very minimum your surface normal vector values stored. Even polygon games store these now since they're relatively expensive to compute given 3 points in arbitrary space, but there's no way to compute a surface normal without an actual surface (as we're dealing with just arbitrary points in space).

    So back to our 60 gb forza car: if you want reflections and different types of lighting and shit liek that, you'd have to double that storage.

    Making GTA4 using this kind of tech would require more hd space than google has.

    tldr: buncha bullshit

    tldr2: back to my locker
  22. nerd ownage right there.
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    That's not to say voxel based rendering should be thrown out. There's actually impressive stuff coming from a bunch of slovakian dudes:

    They're using regular 3d models for the complex stuff like characters and using voxels for terrain / buildings. The thing about voxels is that you can move them around, or even remove them entirely, from a scene and it doesn't really require any extra data.

  24. I think the main problem holding everything back is DirectX

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