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  1. been driftoing in forza for fun lately. I've gotten pretty decent. Used my audi a4 with the drift setup around nurburing and got 8:50 time. Changed back to stock setting, put on a rear wing, and ran a 7:50 lol.
  2. should have known better than to trust australians
  3. but, it's used in THE SCIENCES.
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    Do you remember this? My Winter 97 edition of PC Format had a 6 page preview of this game called Outcast. This line, '3d models for the complex stuff like characters and using voxels for terrain' reminded me.
  5. dude if you preorder you get free tf2 hats
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    Voxels for terrain is great.

    Also command and conquer + many sequels (the isometric perspective ones) used voxel renderers for vehicles/buildings.
  7. is this game out
    what mysteries does that town hold for my character
  8. Oh there were many mysteries, and also intrigue. My demo disk kept crashing to desktop mid game though. Quicktime was a piece of shit. After Duke Nukem Forever, every preview in my magazine has finally hit shelves!
  9. Forza tonight anybody?
  10. oh hsit

    we get 20% off for already having old RO too
  11. Lots of people got on Forza tonight, we need to do this on a weekend.
  12. Thinking about making and gifting a spec car out.
  13. Clio Cup-esque cars sent out to active people for a spec car. Fully tuneable and basic white so feel free to paint them if you'd like.

    Only thing I ask is we do one or two races before they get modified or sold lol. Its about 100k a pop and I want to get one race out em all together <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    edit: if someone didnt receive one, let me know and I'll send em one.
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  15. dam no hoodies?
  16. Looking forward to the new Deus Ex, supposed to be amazing. It's coming out later this month
  17. i bought the big steam pack, every id and bethesda game for 70 bucks. not bad for the price of 1 new xbox game
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    ? I see the normal price of $59.99 there, and when I added it to cart it got removed automatically the first time.
  19. I got black ops for xbox lolugh

    and rechargeable battery pack so i can play forza now
  20. Why on earth would you get blops?
  21. nah but you get nazi helment for solider and heavy gets russian cap
  22. game status report: had a sweet sesh in the 70 palyer dh server. we had a giant convoy of panzers #$%#in shit up
  23. lol

    i was the only tenk that turned right at the fork -_-

    #$%#ed up halftracks and a lot of guys running around
  24. i got blown up by a wolverine and quit cuz im not driving for 10 #$%#ing minutes again

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