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  1. lol so oyu didnt see the lone sherman drive his way into a wall of panzers?
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    This game is relevant to this forum:

  3. Also this month, From Dust is coming out on the 17th
  4. the carbon looks like shit.
  5. Indeed, irl the weave is a lot less visible.
  6. lol
  7. guess the sale didnt last long <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. oh look at that, another war game where you shoot up people and drive tanks
  9. I'm sure I'm months behind, but finally saw some Forza 4 stuff. Looks purdy.
  10. Well the image of Forza is more up close than the real picture of the car, but you can still see the carbon weave in the real pic on the fender of the car. imo its pretty consistent but I think it could have been better
  11. except its the most realistic and best one
  13. graphics have gotten too good if this is the kind of stuff worth complaining about anymore.
  14. I think the really flat lighting in the Forza renders also makes the weave more visible, I'm sure it won't look like that in all game conditions. Also, at least they're bothering with the weave with an unpainted carbon fiber car this time, they didn't do it with the Zonda R, while GT5 did, they just made it flat grey. On the other hand, when there's small areas of exposed carbon weave on other cars in Forza 3, like the 905, or even the wheel arches of the Zonda R, they tend to do a good job with it. Much better than the carbon designs that players make.
  15. if fourza doesnt have white wheels im not buying it
    how #$%#ing hard is it
    how #$%#ing hard is it to not make the wheels look retarded when they are any color

    only color that looks any good is bronze, or if the color is only a hilite on the wheel, like those ATS wheels
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    Quake Team Fortress

    Best game ever.
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    Wtf is that? Why do you have to chase people around with a dildo? Does it even have exploding barrels? Ridiculous
  18. I also want some #$%#ing center-lock wheels, having to put 5 bolt or even 4 bolt wheels on race cars if you want lighter wheels looks #$%#ing horrible.
  19. ahaha what kind of #%$got cant recognize the iconic quake missle launcher?
  20. You can chase people around with a dildo in Saints Row 3.
  21. You were born in the 90s or play The Sims (c) all the time.

    This game is the one that started it all, the most important game IMO.
  22. #$%#
  23. someone please ban white riot

    thanks in advance!
  24. also gta san andreas

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