Game Thread 3000 PART 2011

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  1. what a nerd
  2. those look like Medium textures. 2nd time around with dev commentary I took this one.

    Those commentary speech bubbles are very sparse. 4 yrs of dev time, they could have packed in more trivia. One node is very interesting, about the game being packed with hidden portals the size of entire rooms, joining together levels in a modular way without the player knowing.
  3. lol still dont get that pic
  4. is that a testicle?
  5. theres a giant potato growing out of a childs potato battery project

    ok im done teaching special ed

  6. i wouldnt be caught dead playing on medium settings. maxed out 24/7
  7. Portal 2 is pretty awesome, and I'm glad I can play it at max settings. Core i3 550, GeForce GT240. I didn't expect as much from this PC haha.
  8. isnt portal 2 running on half life 2 engine?
  9. my weapon of choice in that 'sweatin to the eighties' hopper

    281hp/313 lb-ft, 3200 lbs, rwd
  10. yeah, the game looks amazing though. like a whole new engine.
  11. thats neat. such a great engine, great graphics and still runs on the shittiest computers. wished more developers made engines like that.
  12. havent picked up my copy of Portal 2 yet. I got it on teh Xbawks.
  13. Yah source engine isn't used enough. Everyone works with the Unreal engine which makes everything look plasticy.
  14. looks sick
    good wheel choice
  15. Mirror's Edge is the exception
  16. Damn might have to play. 80s boxy cars have really been growing on me lately.
  17. 80s cars are "in" right now
  18. Theyre like so trendy right now
  19. I dug 80's cars long before they sold out
  20. We need something like Group B to happen again. We got a good collection of awesome cars out of it that culminated with the 959 and F40. Want to see a rally F40, that would be so boss.
  21. still no PSN

    gonna wait to buy Mortal K
  22. got the PS3 version of portal, still hate the joysticks, but at least i got a free copy of the PC version of portal with it. ($45 for both with a bestbuy preorder)

    game is amazing fun and funny as well.
  23. metro 2033 is $10 on steam, game any good?
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    recorded myself playing portal

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    also me and my friends made a sweet vid


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