Game Thread 35 or so: RDR

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. I loved Portal. Portal for free would be great. 404s every time I try to sign up for steam. Btw, if I wanted to take advantage of that, would I have to install the steam client program (like how it used to work years ago)?

    If so, #$%# it.
  2. Downloading Portal

    I #$%#ing love Steam
  3. Kind of wishing I had fm3 to play with you guys (and that my Logitech wheel worked with it)

    Oh and an Xbox I guess.

    And a million dollars!
  4. You might as well just wait for GT5. It has a firm release date now, though only some people know about it.
  5. Horrible advice.
  6. Wait 6+ months for a game thats probably gonna get pushed back again anyway? You definitely did not nail it. Forza 4 is gonna be out before this shit.
  7. Waiting a few months is a much better plan than spending $300+, especially given that he already owns a PS3 wheel.
  8. Firm release date? WTF you on about?
  9. Nailed it.
  10. Sony has set a release date and only a few members of the press are in the knows.
  11. He'll be glad he got a 360 anyway. The online community is great.
  12. #$%#
    i knew i shouldnt have put off listening to that podcast
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    Clearly you and I have different definitions of the word 'great'. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>

  14. does the front of a mclaren F1 look really smug to anyone else

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    haha cause there aren't guys like this on PS3, and CLEARLY this is indicative of ALL Xbox LIVE users.

    oh and portal free rocks. downloading right now as i type.
  16. Has no reason since it's being passed by one of the probably 150 Evos in the game.
  17. Anyone wanna do Radical SR8 vs. Lotus 2-Eleven on Amalfi in Forza 3?
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    as if that sort of thing doesnt exist on PS3.
  19. I've played a lot of PS3 games online and only twice ever had an experience that was even close to that. LIVE (and Halo in particular) seems to attract the worst idiots, though that's to be expected given the Xbox 360's relatively youngish userbase.
  20. Oh stfu, every online system has a LOT of people like that...get over it
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  22. This game doesn't look that good anymore. Maybe they should push it back to the PS4 and redo all the graphics, art, and physics (again).
  23. well, to be fair, nobody plays Ps3 online
    Its kind of like Target stores. Still nice because hardly anybody uses them.


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