Game Thread 36: RDR for PS3 = LOL

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  1. what amazes me is that many of the so called GT5 features have been in games like NFS since 1999.
    amateur car editors were making realistic damage and fully detailed interiors for NFS models and games like Grand PRix Legends and Sports Car GT. Not as detailed as a GT5 premium car, but for the time, very detailed and the damage was realistic.
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    Why did you pick that memory? You have to make sure it's compatible with your motherboard.

    Here's a link to the QVL for your board. It's a list with all supported memory options that have been tested for it.

    edit: And what about the power supply?
  3. This man knows what's up!

  4. i dont think thats what premium cars means
  5. I do not like the change of art style in Infamous 2. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  6. That's true in the context of this discussion, but I'm still glad to see that he understands what makes GT great.
  7. This was easily the most shocking moment of this year's E3 for me.
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    what about the power supply? not enough power? no good when it comes bundled?
  9. why?
    I expected Portal 2 to make it to consoles.
  10. Valve thinks the ps3 is a huge pain in the ass so they didn't make games for it, sony seems to have wised up and started paying to get the good games on thier console
  11. I really don't think this deal involved a moneyhat.

    This was just Valve sticking it to Microsoft for being too closed-off. As far as I understand, this new deal allows Valve to push DLC/updates to Portal 2 without Sony's influence. No certification, no red tape. Just simple, free content.
  12. Sorry, I hadn't noticed the case came with a power supply <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I thought you forgot to pick one.

    Any reason why you picked that case?
  13. forza is better for modifying cars anyway
  14. lol!
  15. Uh, yes, they do. They just aren't exact replicas or as detailed, the premium cars have highly detailed interiors, undercarriages, and have full body deformation. Standard cars still have interiors, less detailed undercarriages, and show dents/scratches instead of whole panels falling off.

    Lets be honest though, the damage in Forza was just the same. You crash into a wall and it dents, it wasn't very realistic and the same for standard GT5 cars. Premium GT5 cars will have the realistic damage, unlike standard and Forza cars.
  16. in forza the damage in the cars are pretty good. if you bump into other cars you can scratch and dent your car and if you hit the other car or barrier, you may end up without your bumpers or spoilers. also your cars performance will be affected, including the steering and transmission. of course forza isnt perfect but i dont expect GT5 to surpass it in terms of car damage.
  17. The damage in FM3 is much better than the damage in GT5.

    And the interiors in the standard GT5 cars are going to be essentially non-existent (like in GT PSP).
  18. How ly shit
  19. lol, lies.
  20. cheap, bundled psu, k3w1 l3Dz without being too #%$gy

    i probably won't be buying that one though. i'm gonna check some out in person. there are a few that i want but they cost like twice as much and don't come with a psu
  21. Is something wrong?
  22. "essentially non-existent" interiors on 800 out of 1000 cars? I'd say that's pretty wrong, I only ever drive in cockpit view.
  23. Then if you value aesthetics, you'll probably want to stick to the 200 premium cars in GT5 and ignore the rest.
  24. I've heard they will have interiors, they just wont be exact to the car.

  25. Kaz said that the standard cars will have interiors similar to the PSP version...

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