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  1. New Video Game Thread #3

    page 60 is almost here, when shit gets #$%#ed up, so unsticky that one and sticky this. for now we will give some info on something most of us dont care about!

    Viva Pinata Hits Marketplace
    A new interactive video shows off a little gameplay.
    by Erik Brudvig
    October 24, 2006 - Microsoft and Rare have released an interactive video to the Xbox Live Marketplace. The free download will take up 754.95 MB on your hard drive and is aimed squarely at the younger side of the videogame demographic. Although it is touted as being interactive, the video is largely passive and only prompts you to select which piñata will give the narrative during the gameplay clips.

    Those who download and watch the video will be treated to some basic explanations on attracting piñatas, mating, and warding off baddies. We've added four hi-definition clips from the interactive video to the media page so hop on over to watch them if you haven't already.

  2. New Video Game Thread #3

    post #2 is reserved for me.
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    Look at that... one page... so clean!
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    New Video Game Thread #3

    Game stuff is posted here: !
  6. New Video Game Thread #3

    It would be cool if they made a game that looked as stylish as that Piniata game, but with less-gay gameplay.
  7. New Video Game Thread #3

    lets make this one count guys.
  8. New Video Game Thread #3

    no more hardware talk please. neither side is going to get anywhere, because nobody is going to budge.
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    I went back to gamestop today to see how much my xbox would be for trade in. I told the guy at the front desk I'd want instore credit and just use it for my PS3. He asked me if I wanted to trade it in for an xbox360 becuase its a $30 more trade in if you get a 360... why the #$%# would I want a 360? I'm getting a PS3!

    Muaha. Then some nerdy kids came in and wanted to know when the Wii demo thing was coming out. Nerds.
  10. New Video Game Thread #3
  11. New Video Game Thread #3

    But RSX specs. They're not out yet!
  12. New Video Game Thread #3
  13. New Video Game Thread #3

    Crap, I hate having a new thread. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  14. New Video Game Thread #3

    I liked a lot better when random video game threads came up. Some would tickle my fancy and I'd read them. Other's wouldn't, and I'd ignore them. Now none tickle my fancy, and I've become dark.
  15. New Video Game Thread #3

    I will make video game threads awesome again.

    Fluchtwagen style.
  16. New Video Game Thread #3

    But there are no more. This thread has destroyked.
  17. New Video Game Thread #3

    Do you believe the Xbox 360s offering only one vector unit per CPU core, viewed in light of the support for two concurrent hardware threads, is a serious problem in the making? I.e. will it limit developers ability to fully utilize vector acceleration and/or make thread management overly cumbersome, in what it otherwise a quite elegant and flexible piece of hardware?

    This is the only acceptable topic of discussion going forward until this issue is fully resolved in our minds.
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    Hopefully I will have cash for Gears of War next month, and have the chance to buy a copy.
  19. New Video Game Thread #3

    I have power. you dont. c'est la vie ^_^

  20. New Video Game Thread #3

    Id like to know when the demo Wii units are coming out also.
    I havent seen any concrete information on that.
  21. New Video Game Thread #3

    How does that work exactly? I.e. couldn't someone run off with the controller?
  22. New Video Game Thread #3

    Sometime around Halloween.
  23. New Video Game Thread #3

    who here has perfect dark zero? are there still alot of people playing online?
  24. New Video Game Thread #3

    something about them holding your credit card as collateral in case you steal a controller.
  25. New Video Game Thread #3

    The problem is no one can answer that question properly save V8vantage. So you can wait for his reply.

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