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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SmilinGoat, Oct 24, 2006.

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    hydraulic suspension to jump over the bumpy bits (they suck)???
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    Yay, got the game Oblivion again. Starting from scratch once more. I cant wait for the upgrade!

    Looks awesome in HD. I wish Xbox Live had a way to share characters. It would be cool to see everyone else's players.
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    Are you talking about Test Drive Unlimited?
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    Oh, and I decided to be a male Breton this time. I already played through this game as a Dark Elf, Orc, and a female Breton.

    Except this time, I choose to be more heavy magic. I was a thief for dark elf, barbarian for orc, and stealthy assassin/mage for female Breton.

    I made a custom class "wehrmacht" (Bundweshr sounds too much like cheap beer)



    Heavy Armor
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    redguard poops on all the other races. seriously. them niggas tough. i have a fully maxed out one on PC.
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    I played that route too much, I want to explore the whole magic part more throughly. I enjoyed it a bit as a Breton before, but I couldn't get far enough into the mage part with my character, I can now with these better attributes I choose.
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    imperial is a jack of all trades, i can only stomach to play through Oblivion once and so i threw my hat in with this guy. Used FaceGen Modeller 3.14 shareware and a scanned photo of me to adjust the in game sliders.

    HOW THE HELL DO YOU CURE VAMPIRISM. an old woman tricked me and now i have to find 5 empty grand soul gems. HELP ME PLS. feeding on the living has turned my whole experience around, where before i wouldn't steal a spoon without feeling guilty, now i'm a dark brotherhood assassin for hire. (i have no sneak so i hack and slash like a clumsy oaf)
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    To cure Vampirism, all one has to do is go and get themselves healed at a church or wherever, or use cure disease to eliminate it. That can only work three days after getting bit, since your only semi there. After that, is trickier.

    This explains the long route to get yourself fixed.

    Or you can buy the Vile Lair upgrade for the game, and simply go cure yourself whenever you want.
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    thanks. one question though. how do you empty a grand soul gem since the old woman will not take full ones. i contracted vampirism from buying a cheap haunted manor house in Skingrad. after sleeping there i woke up with the advanced form. going to church didnt help, as in real life.
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    you cant empty soul gems once they are filled, except for azura's star.
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    Hmm, maybe I should bring my tent with me on the 16th...
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    it seems you have been pitching alot of tents over PS3 lately.
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    My game character is pimp.
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    New Video Game Thread #3

    Exclusive footage of the Sony Store:

    A preview of the MotorStorm demo:

    And a great video showing off the XMB:
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    which Launch titles are you buying Luke?
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    If I buy any game on the 17th it will be Formula One Championship Edition, though I may just play demos, Blast Factor, and some of my PS2 games that I haven't fully beaten yet (like Shadow of the Colossus and TimeSplitters 3).
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    F1 isnt out in America on launch... you for one should know.
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    You really are the ultimate fanboy. You're buying a launch PS3 to play PS2 games.
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    that's a sensible scheme. on a related note, i have a copy of F1 05' sitting on my desk at the moment. suggest a way for me to kill it and i'll post pics. i hate it with a passion because i love F1 so much and this game, oh dear. it's a joyless tedium.
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    Crap, you're right! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    Then it looks like I'll just be playing the games I already mentioned and renting PS3 titles from Blockbuster.
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    What doesn't you like about it?

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