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  1. We lost count in v3 already, but now we can start again. Just wanted to say Rocket League is awesome/addictive (youtube link with exceptionally awesome actions), especially now that I have become a bit more tactical and experienced.

    Anything else that's cool lately? Rainbow Six Siege videos I've seen are pretty amusing, thinking of getting Hitman 3 too when it's a bit cheaper.

    Also, playstation names, xbox names, nicknames for various games, write them down here, let's get a list going with members that are still active like in the old days.
  2. playing Fallout 4 on survival mode. This is the way the game was meant to be played. Much more tension/exploring. Also mods are available for consoles now
  3. downloaded Final Fantasy XV demo... have not played yet, but apparently its going to be a lot more like the FF6-FFX era..... which is GREAT.

    Still wanting Forza Horizon 3.

    And super excited for a new.... SONIC game WTF.
    Sonic Mania -
  4. I thought fallout was one of the biggest dissapointments in gaming i've had so far
  5. You mst be on xbox too. The fuckin mods aren't working on ps4 yet. But still the only game other than gta v I can spend any time on right now.
  6. try survival mode.
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  8. I get it, i had already stopped playing it when survival mode came out. now its pretty much all I play
  9. What's different?
    • Manual, quicksaving, and almost all autosaves are disabled. Saving must be done by sleeping.
      • The latest Fallout 4 update added an "exit save" feature, which automatically saves a game upon quitting it. In Survival mode, the exit save is automatically deleted once it is loaded.
    • Fast travel is disabled.
    • The Sole Survivor takes but also deals more damage.
    • Most threats are not visible on the compass.
    • Locations of interest are harder to detect.
    • A new perk, Adrenaline, is automatically given to the Sole Survivor.
    • The Sole Survivor must stay hydrated, eat periodically, and have a regular sleep cycle in order to survive.
    • Fatigue damage reduces Action points (AP).
    • Sleeping in a bed for less than 7 hours does not heal Hit points (HP).
    • Illness and antibiotics are introduced.
    • The healing rate RadAway, stimpaks and other healing items is significantly reduced.
    • RadAway and chems can adversely affect the immune system.
    • Limbs no longer heal after combat and must be restored with a stimpak, sleeping in a bed until well rested, or by visiting a doctor.
    • Ammunition has weight and total carry weight is significantly reduced for both the Sole Survivor and their companions.
    • Companions will not get back up if downed in combat until healed. If left unattended, they will return home.
    • Robotic companions created in theAutomatron add-on, excluding NPC robots like Ada and Jezebel, will now be destroyed if not repaired after being downed in combat.
    • Cleared locations take much longer to repopulate enemies and loot.
    • Enemies that usually spawn at higher levels will now spawn with regularity.
    • Ability to access the game console (the tilde key) and use console commands is disabled.
    You now have hunger, thirst and fatigue to monitor
  10. All that completely changes the tone of the game. No more fast travel means you walk everywhere, and everything is dangerous. Early on if you spot a super mutant patrol, you will hide and walk around it. If you dont spot it first you probably die. Firefights are much more intense. You are scared to die because you dont want to lose the time since last save. You quickly become overpowered in the normal modes. In survival things take longer and are more meaningful.

    Having to walk everywhere means you see a lot of stuff you prevously would have fast traveled through.
  11. sounds interesting. bit like day-z i guess
  12. waiting for PS4.5 dunnoy why
  13. Thanks @DIGGS now I'm considering getting a game I actually never really considered getting *knows how you feel man*
  14. It's by far my favorite game. And series. I do know a few xbox players that don't like it though. I think they go into it expecting a fast paced first person shooter. Which it absolutely is not. It's a very slow paced game, really. And in Survival mode it's really more about strategy. And if you don't use cheats it's a very long drawn out game in a good way. You'll have to avoid going through certain missions too quickly because of lack of equipment, being heavily outnumbered and easily overpowered. And you'll have to learn to be super stealthy. There is just so much potential and replay ability to the fallout series. You can slap it into normal difficulty and just juggernaut through it. You can use caps glitches and buy every piece of equipment you could imagine. You can build a sniper, melee fighter, heavy weapons expert, small arms expert. There's just so many things you can do. Every missions has multiple options of how to complete it. You can be a good guy or a strait up evil mother. And each choice has effects on future missions and how the NPC poultat ion reacts to you.
    If you go into it knowing what to expect in a game you'll love it. If you go into it expecting a bigger fast paced cod style first person shooter, you'll be disappointed
  15. I didn't expect a type of cod/gow/ut/etc, more a kind of radioactive metal gear solid, haha. Having seen videos now, it's really pretty too.
  16. Tbh i like rpg's where i can put a lot of hours in, but fallout was pretty damn awful to me. The world is pretty empty, the story is not that intetesting, constantly saving settlements becomes boring, shitload of bugs, graphics and physics are from 2004 etc. The only thing i liked was building a settlement, but even then the options are limited. There are better rpg's out there imo.
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    Yeah I didn't figure that what you yourself thought. I just meant I've talked to people who've expected that.
    I dont think its comparable to metal gear.
    I would say similar to somethi g like borderlands but slower and more strategy based. And way more open world. With massive character development.
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  18. Well the world is kind of supposed to be empty. It's a nuclear wasteland.
    I do fins the settlement saving a tad annoying. But in the harder setting this kind of disappears. And you by no means have to save any of the settlements. I've never had a significant negative effect from not. You lose very few "karma" points by not. You complete one rescue and you earn more positive karma in that settlement than skipping 10+ rescues.
    The graphics, physics and bugs are all works in progress. They give updates and repairs almost every week.
    People have to remember this is a huge and I mean huge game. It's a massive load free open world map.
    Again I think it's just keeping what this game and series is meant to be.
    But to each their own. Ive found that people either love the game or just aren't into it for the most part. My buddy hates it with a passion. But all he plays is COD and sports games.
  19. All this being said. Fallout 3 is still by far the best storyline.
    New Vegas and fallout 4 are really just evolutions of that game
  20. I think i need a ps4

  21. I'd say skip the parts of fallout you don't want to do. I don't defend settlements and don't talk to the guy giving out radiant quests for settlements. I do like developing the settlements though, and In survival they're critical bases, outposts.
    You'll want to gradually change your main operational base further and further south as higher level missions take you away from the initial sanctuary area.
    It's fun having to care about this stuff

    I downloaded a mod that gave unlimited junk resources too, so now I'm free of that compulsion to Walk up to every container to pick up shit, and my loot is now more interesting
  22. omg I spent so much time playing Borderlands, the sound of those psycho midgets in the distance creeps me out hahaha
  23. I couldn't get into it. The cartoonist nessus of the graphics rubbed me the wrong way. I guess it's not accurate for me to compare them to eachother cause I didn't play borderlands for more than 1 hour.

    I guess a better example would be skyrim meets wasteland
  24. No experience with either, but there are some youtubers I follow because their videogame videos are entertaining imho, so I'm having a good impression :)

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