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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

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  2. not only does gt need to step up its sound game, but the sound needs to change with the mods or I am not interested
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  3. It does. It just changes to generic sounds with extreme turbo whistle and drive train whine

    And that being said. If you listen to most on board camera shots from real racing it's all you can hear in reality too. So I guess they are technically doing it right. But I'd rather they enhanced the sound to be more similar to what you'd hear if you mounted a mic right behind the exhaust tip.
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  4. I don't think there was much of a better time to grow up than the 90s as far as video games and a budding interest in cars. With the earlier NFS games and the amazing lineups of the first few GranTurismos, it was just great. How many games today would include oddities such as the Espace F1, Chrysler Phaeton, Vectors, Venturis, Listers, Subaru SVX, TVRs, Tommy Kaira, Dodge Copperhead, RUF, XJR-15, R390, just a big batch of cool shit that I otherwise would've never known about at that age. Even the cool pedestrian vehicles from overseas that would've never made a blip on my radar. Still have a soft spot for a Mitsubishi FTO thanks to that game.
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  5. Absolutely agree. And I'd love to see them add all those ridiculous cars back into it. Apparently they plan on adding 500+ cars to Gran Turismo through free updates. And it will have 150-170 at release.
    Also I do like that they have promised zero micro transactions.
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  6. That is great to hear. I'm interested in seeing their update lists.
  7. Gt sport demo is not that good
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  8. Well it is a demo.

    What was the last demo you played the blew your dirty smelly socks off
  9. Hey friend. Fifa 18 demo was alright seemed to flow better than previous versions between passes etc
  10. whats not great about it? how are the physics
  11. I may have made judgement to quick. However physics/handling with controller was not impressive. I have a g29 aswell and I couldn’t turn forcefeedback off so it was impossible to turn the wheel. Maybe the full game will be an improvement.
  12. lets see your noodle arms
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  13. One day, we will get Blur2. And I will play that.
  14. Just played about 20 mins of arcade mode on GT sport. So far.... I'm happy. Will update more later this evening once I have time to actually sit down and check it out
  15. Got my XB1X. 4K gaming is teh win. Anyone played Assassins Creed: Origins?
  16. For some reason I got the new South Park game. I feel dirty and molested. The game sucks and the only reason I'm still playing it is so I don' feel like I wasted all of my money.
    I also played the Conan trial. So far it's actually pretty good. It's in the style of Ark. I'll be buying it for sure.
  17. Been playing the free Fortnite Battle Royale game on xbox (cartoonish version of Player Unknown Battlegrounds I guess). I suck, but it's a lot of fun. If any of you guys get it, could be fun to play squads or whatever they call it.
  18. I disagree. Both Southpark games have been awesomely hilariously juvenile. A genuine way to just be silly and laugh at ridiculousness.
    Pop some psilocybin. It'll be even better
  19. havent played assasins creed since the pirate one, formula got stale and they never fixed the annoying bullshit

    any improvements in the latest? heard good things
  20. This is a fun game. Not your typical FPS.
  21. The first one I liked, but this one just seems to drag on. I may freebase some molly-heroine mix.
  22. I didn't happen to kill you in it last night, did I? I was playing and saw some random mix of letters that looked like your name pop up, but didn't pay enough attention to see if it was you.
  23. Negative.
  24. At milestone 130+ now on Forza, with Drivers Cup open and 100 cars in garage.
    Most of my credit gathering I have done driving free racing Monza, AI cars dont do chicanes that well.
    The purpose of AI racing is after all cheating in any way you find possible, the opposite of gentlemanly online racing.

    I also got help on that voting problem, had not realized the control joysticks had button function. :)

    Even after several updates the game still crashes at least once an evening. Latest annoying bug being the credits "coin" -sound doesn't stop but starts an endless loop...

    Still. Enjoying the game, they have done something right.

    Changed my nick to PGN1 with national extension.
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  25. fucking hell Black Flag is such a massive game. I barely got anywhere with the main story because I spent all my time either free running through the different islands doing all the little side shit like collecting shantys or saliling around blowing up cargo fleets.

    What the **** is Kenway's Fleet? When you capture a ship you can scuttle it or send it to the fleet, but I don't know where I can like, find them again?

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