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  1. Not being able to play GT sport is probably going to force my hand and make me buy a PS4, FINALLY
  2. It's really ok.
    The biggest problem is all the non arcade races are time controlled. There has been times where I've had to wait 45+ minutes to enter an online race. They are time scheduled. And if you don't get in as one of the 24 or what ever entrants you have to wait for the next race. It doesn't seem to just generate another race.
    Other than that. The game is really fun. VERY hard to get real fast lap times. You hit the brakes too early and everybody Flys by. Hit the too late and you are flying into the dirt. It's very momentum oriented. You have to maintain your momentum through corners or you will never make up the ground.
    The AI is very good. They react very well. BUT they NEVER make mistakes for you to take advantage of. Late braking. Getting off the racing line. They never put in too much throttle. They are almost perfect. You really have to rely on a good qualifying time and hopefully smooth laps with an advantage in your car setup.

    All of this makes it actually really challenging. I really enjoy it. When I get a race.

    Online it's very much the same. But you have the usual rammy retards to deal with
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  3. Lol **** that wack pleb ass shit.
  4. Yeah. The only thing that makes it tolerable is you can do practice laps. Or qualifying or an arcade type time trial all while on the waiting list for the race to start and the minute the lobby opens up it will transfer you over kind of.
    But there have been a ton of complaints about it. So they have cut it down already to more frequent races. Usually 15 or so intervals.
  5. Long waiting with practice and qualify sessions on PC games also partly discarded those not playing seriously . This gave time to chat too, Forza dont have online chat, does GTS have?

    Then again Forza has so far being single racing with random grid.
  6. As far as I know you can talk in the lobbys. But I haven't actually tried. So I'm not positive
  7. i think its that minigame that nets you some stupid rewards that arent super important but part of the assassins creed collecathon mobile game inspired rewards system
  8. I've also found the AI to be really disproportionately bad at driving the Mercedes-Benz Tankpool24 racing trucks, I noticed this when doing career mode races, I don't know if it's all the shifting, or some other aspect of how the vehicle behaves, but it's like they literally don't know how to drive them, even though it's actually extremely easy and relaxing to drive.
  9. Xbox has a game called 8 bit Adventure Anthology for $8.00. It has Deja Vu, Shadowgate and Uninvited. Deja Vu was one of my favorite games as a kid. I've never played the others.
  10. i thought your favorite game as a kid was Uncle Tummy Sticks
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Just played Late Shift. This game is superb. It's a choose your own adventure style FMV. The camera work is very good and the acting is very good, especially the main character. It has 7 possible endings. Well worth the price. For Xbone and Pizzle4
  13. Playing resident evil zero lately. Its cool.

    Anyone playing starwars battlefront? lolololol ea is shit
  14. Yes I've played it for roughly 32 minutes. I owe 3200$ on my credit card now
  15. I saw that there was a VR L.A. Noire game out, but it's just a VR port of a few levels of the original game.
  16. la noire was fun but played it once and really dont need to do it again
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  17. I'm thinking playing mario odyssey might be the most enjoyable thing I've done in years. what an absolute joy that game is. I feel like a better more complete person with every moon, making memories just sitting on the sofa.

    It's Zoloft in video game form.
  18. you just bought a race car!
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  19. that was a close second.
  20. That was my exact thought. I'd love to play a new one but once you know the story the challenge is lost for playing it through again.

    It's not like it's a game you could speed run or whatever
  21. Remake LA noire is a ripoff. Already played on 360 and it was awesome. Shouldve made another one or made the remake 20 bucks.
  22. the making of LA Noire was a huge undertaking. The way they filmed the actors' faces with a massive array of cameras to accurately replicate and convey minute facial expressions that were so key to the interrogation parts of the game that, to do it again for the current generation of consoles would be a massive job. Rockstar have bigger titles to be working on at the moment so I guess a true sequel is taking a back burner for now.

    32 cameras placed all round the actor, all synchronised. The actors had to sit perfectly still whilst delivering their lines. The work flow was likely much slower than the usual work needed for games.


  23. I know, that's why i wouldn't mind the remake if it costs 20 bucks. Now it's 60, it feels like a scam.
  24. they got away with it for gta v and skyrim did it too

    gta v was worth it, skyrim added mods for console, I bought it but didnt spend much time with it
    obviously theyd love to make a game once and sell it twice to a big % of their users
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  25. @Veyronman

    Do you know of any other games that have employed this tech since? I was excited for GTA V to have this, but apparently it must be just dumb stupid expensive or complicated if they're not going to include that into their flagship product.

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