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  1. As far as I know only L.A. Noire has been made using that specific technology (MotionScan), although I suppose it could be likely similar tecnhiques may have been employed in other productions.

    Again this is AFAIK, but stuff like films use different processes such as Motion Capture (with silver dots on the actors' bodies and faces) which are tracked by fewer (or single) cameras, which the CGI is overlaid on to.

    This is a good one.

    L.A. Noire was different in that the voice actors in the game were actually the face actors too, Their likenesses were in the final product as their actual faces were recorded, not just the position of specific points on their faces:

  2. Anybody getting the new Call of Duty? I feel like asking Santa for it
  3. im not sure how to break this to you...
  4. don't worry.. I'll do it..

    Scorps.. Listen very carefully.. You're getting too old for this..

    CoD is exclusively for tweens. Ask Santa for Wolfenstein the new Colossus.
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  5. i dunno about that one, apparently the bad guys in that game are alt right or trump supporters or something
    huge controversy
  6. it's the same controversy as ever. video games causing kids to snap and attack their local friendly nazis. I mean, in a world where antifa exists, maybe it could have waited.. but speech is speech.
  7. I remember when Mortal Kombat came out, kids were ripping eachother's spines out. Lol at least, that's what some parents thought would happen.
  8. Wasn't that the reason Mortal Kombat didn't have any blood on the snes?
  9. is GT sport worth getting now, i heard it has proper single player mode now, now
  10. I enjoy it. But it is very simulator. It's not just pure reckless abandon driving fun. Though I haven't played it in a few weeks. And I haven't seen this proper single player mode yet.
    It was originally the licensing that all other Guts had glorified into a single player mode.
    I might have to play it tonight to see.
  11. I just bought Starfox Zero and Hyrule Warriors. Thanks for introducing black friday to the netherlands as well.
  12. Bought Logitech 920 yesterday. Wheel weekend it is.
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  13. did you play it, cause its been reduced for black friday on ps store, how does tuning work now
  14. I noticed a few more modes for single player. There is a time till type challenge. And what looks like a circuit challenge.
    The tuning is still the same. Just tweaked a bit.
    You don't buy any parts. You just buy "power" and weight reduction. There is level 1 2 and 3 for those two. Everything else is adjustments. Every car just comes with fully adjustable suspension and transmissions. Some being more adjustable than other.

    I like the game. If it's on sale of buy it. It's just not Forza. And it's not need for speed. It's more and yet less Gran Turismo than it's ever been.
  15. I guess the easiest way to say it is.

    I'm no disappointed I bought the game.
    It's just not the classic GT experience I was expecting.

    If it was a new franchise is be less critical of it. My biggest gripes are because it's different from old GT games and I was expecting more of the same old GT game.
  16. forza been better since like 4
    only reason to get GT is if you only have a playstation
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  17. Is there a current-gen wheel/pedal combo? Come to think of it, as manuals go the way of the dinosaur, so do gated shifters for vidya games.

    I never had much more fun gaming than when we did Longnecker's GT4 race competitions and I had my gated Logitech setup like a total nerd in my living room.
  18. i bought it, within 5 mins i felt like it had been playing it for weeks. Then i realised its cause ive been playing the Series since about 1998 and no matter how much they try and mess everything else up the feel of the cars has always been perfect imo.
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  19. Logitech G29/G920 is essentially the one to get. Around £250ish for wheel, pedals and stick.

    If you want to be super extra about it and spend everything you have on a setup, then Fanatec is the one to get. Way more modular.
    Way more expensive

    Top spec wheel base, €550
    Steering Wheel, €100-480, various replicas from Porsche, BMW, McLaren etc
    Inverted pedals €600
    Paddles are €100. a standalone shifter (7spd or sequential) is €260

    You can even get a handbrake for €130
  20. Bought Need For Speed Payback. It's terrible. Like NFS The Movie bad.
  21. Anyone played Wolfenstein the new colossus?
  22. Just played the demo. It seems pretty cool. The gun play is pretty legit.
  23. Yes it is. You point and push the button and it goes bang.
  24. still against Nazi? when will we use the KKK instead
  25. Yes.

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