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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. ETB did you have to DL the ANTIFA mod for wolfenstein
  2. No, snowflakes are banned from the US in the game. Only Alphas exist.
  3. but i thought shooting nazis was sjw behavior
  4. Sjws get PTSD if they shot guns and only attack women and sucker punch men and run so no they do not shooted the Nazis With all the guns you obviously play as white suburban high school kid
  5. im just having trouble seeing these very fine folks as the bad guys
    theyre just economically anxious patriots
  6. A few days ago I played about half an hour of GT Sport at my friend's house (just arcade mode as I didn't want to wait 3 years for a 4Gb network update to download over his SHITTY internet) and felt the same as you, in that it felt familiar. I loved it. More than any other racing game I've played, however, I could really tell that it would be a ton better with a wheel and pedals.

    Forgot to turn off the assists off for the first go, and holy shit it almost drives itself. Hated it. How anyone can play the game like that I don't know. Turned the assists completely off aside from default ABS and knocked 15 seconds off a two lap race immediately, so that was good.

    Definitely need a PS4
  7. is there going to be VR support
  8. There already is as far as I know but it's not the full thing. it's not a deal breaker for me at this stage
  9. I want Leisure Suit Larry VR.
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  10. Add me you PS4 fucks!

    Psn- labont865
  11. I remember playing that in the early 90s. Super basic graphics and shit.

    Commands like "put on prophylactic" lol

    As it was an age limited game when you loaded the game it would ask a question only an adult would know. Often about early 1980s politics. We used to ask my uncle.
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  12. Larry was a lot of fun

  13. Yes assists off for sure, im not sure if people are using them online or not though.
    price of game is almost worth it just for wrestling one of the modern Group B rally cars they have invented around the N-ring, and the Shelby Cobra
    i think you can get a ps4 for 200 quid now.
  14. I thought those questions were pretty awesome.
  15. Been playing wolfenstein. Its a lot of fun. The graphics are bad though, looks like fallout 4.

    Also a bit dissapointing that theres no multiplayer.
  16. Playing player unknowns Betagrounds on Xbone. Solid 4/10. Not even close to worth price of admission. While I can overlook it's horrible lag and pop in, it's pretty sad that crigrins are already teaming up on solo matches so you have a bunch of neck beards circle jerking eachother and teaming up on solo players. Hit detection is piss poor, although I nailed a pretty sweet one shot crossbow kill while jumping around. And it needs an extra minute on the countdown before it shrinks playing area. It makes for a boring game when you have to spend half of it sprinting across the map because you landed on the other side of where the play area is. Fortnite is a better game all around.
  17. I've recently been playing the Pinball Arcade games on xbox and forgot how fun they are. Its also pretty neat to see them based off the real ones and it even gives a little history of each machine. I definitely have a higher appreciation for the skill the crearors had for the real life machines.
  18. Who here plays PUBG on PC? I got it and really enjoy it, but I'm maybe average at best. Lemme know if you have it and aren't so good that it'd piss you off to play with me.
  19. Got my DDR4 memory today, now I need the motherboard and processor cooler and I can test the hardware... :)

    Mini repairs slowed my pc build, so it might take a few weeks before I can join the PUBG arena. And Wolfenstein, Doom, Project CARS 2...
  20. After much trial and error, I am definitely well below average on PUBG. Them amazn azn hackbois can suck my d
  21. Damn my new rig is quiet. Really surprised at how low the noise level is. Open case with only the big Noctua on the processor and the three small propellers on the 1060 Strix making almost no noise while on desktop. CS GO didn't trigger any higher rpm mode, although I assume this will happen when I try DX12 games.

    Steady 300fps on Counter Strike is nice and gave a more connected feel compared to 60-100 I got with the old machine. Bought PUBG and BF1 which I will try soon.
  22. Nerd
  23. I just got the Doom/Skyrim/Fallout tables for Pinball FX. Pretty awesome tables. I like how you can build up your Skyrim characters into later games. Fallout lets you build your character too, but it doesn't progress with you after you start a new game like Skyrim. Doom is as you would expect. A bunch of demons and 'splosions.
  24. are you talking about a pinball video game
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  25. Yup. The sucky thing is that they bundle the tables by 2 or 3. They're around $10 a bundle. So, you may have to get a crappy table to get the one you want. I will say this one is my favorite bundle. The one with Venom is pretty cool too.

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