Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. I got pubg, i think we need 4 people for squad game
  2. whos buying god of war
  3. Got Battleborn for like $4. Not bad for $4. I also got Darksiders 2 for cheap. I liked the 1st one a lot.
  4. I just purchased a PS4 and I've been playing Killzone Shadowfall for several hours straight. It's a very good shooter. The story has a lot of forward momentum. I keep thinking I'll get to a boring part where it turns into every generic fps. But it keeps the gameplay pretty fresh between the stages. I will say hearing a voice come from the controller freaked me out for a second. I was like, why the **** am I hearing my TV through my controller.
  5. I was flat out amazed at the difference when I went from tv sound to ear buds, then again going from ear buds to the HyperX headphones I'm using now. I don't remember the specific model on them, but they were $80 on Amazon, so I guess they'd be considered mid-range. Either way, I can't see playing games without them now.
  6. Anyone seen the battlefield 5 trailer?

    Handicapped female soldiers in a ww2 setting. WHAT.
  7. Got spintires:mudrunner
    So much fun.
  8. they need to represented. the player character should be in a wheelchair
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  9. isnt that game your day job
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  10. im just getting into total war thrones of brittania

    pretty cool
    'smaller' scope than the usual total war game, but they make up for it by i guess making every major british town a city to control
  11. I..............I...............godammit
  12. Handicapable, and did you just assume their gender?!?
  13. Transgenderfield: Rise of the SJW
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  14. Didn't see any genderfluid Zulu pilots in the Luftwaffe. Triggered!
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  15. The trailer made my eyes bleed. The characters look like they're headed to participate in an African civil war via Milan fashion week...


    But I don't really care because all mainstream FPS games are shit and completely inaccurate when it comes to anything. There are more flying cars in this than in Fast&Furious. Barf.
  16. When i was watching the trailer i couldn't see what time period this was. I really thought it was post apocalyptic or maybe something like bioshock. Then i read the comments saying it's ww2.

    I think because they cannot make money of lootboxes and seasonpasses anymore(they promised they wouldn't) the way to still make money is to make it look like fortnite/pubg, because that's what's the current hype with kids. Instead of making a good ww2 game, they make a colourful inaccurate game. Such a shame(not that i play modern shooters though)
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  17. Lol @ call of doody getting rid of campaign. What a joke.
  18. All the established franchises are playing catch up to the new battle royale games and catering to social justice by having black Nazi female soldiers. I don't see call of duty/battlefield lasting more than 3 years at this rate
  19. i watched the trailer. game looks terrible
    but it reminds me of how all the super hero movies look terrible to me as well. im guessing its at least partially due to the fact that these games arent made for me anymore.

    and the art direction/aesthetics look bad
  20. I'm playing State of Emergency 2. It's pretty fun if you liked the first one.
  21. I can't wait;
  22. Country Roads? Oh man, guys, don't bomb my house pls.
  23. heard its going to be an online game

    i dont have the required time or energy to make an mmo fun
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  24. Hopefully it's optional online like Dead Island and such. MMORPGS are for loosers!

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