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  1. This game looks good. But I've heard on console it's going to lack seriously on graphics. Similar to early ps3 graphics just because of the shear size and scale of the game and it's zero load screens. And the fps may suffer because of processor limitations
  2. Fallout 4 was good. I just wish they would still attack your settlements even if it has a high defense. Apparently after a certain level of defense, no one attacks it.
    I wish your faction choice would make a bigger impact on the world. Like joining the institute would make Piper leave or attack you
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  3. Bought No Mans Sky. Trying it tonight.
  4. I'm still on the fence about No Man's Sky. On one hand, I want a new game. On the other I don't want to spend $60 on what's turning out to be a $20 game in a AAA disguise.

    I'll either wait for it to actually be $20 or wait and see if it's patched into a better game.
  5. Well I'm about an hour in. Been just focusing on exploring the planet I spawned on. And haven't even made a dent in the exploration of the planet. So I can just imagine how much there really is. I've literally only explored maybe 200 square miles of this planet. It's almost 250000 square miles in size.
    So if you enjoy exploring it's good so far.
  6. Graphics are meh. Like early ps3 quality. And the controls aren't super intuitive. But there is so much stuff so far
  7. It's all procedural though.
    I'm sticking with kerbal
  8. I like that I can do whatever whenever. Ther is zero set structure other than having to get your ship setup initially. After that it's literally free to do whatever.
    But it's clearly so far 75% exploration 20% mining and 5% combat/action
    So it's definitely not going to be for everybody
  9. Dunno if this goes for all countries/regions, but WWE 2K16 is free right now if you have xbox live gold, so downloading that 42gB thing now so I have something to wake up to tomorrow :D some other titles got serious discount under the same conditions because their successor is coming soon, so FIFA16 for €25 and NBA Live 16 for €10. Completely free if you have EA Access, but that's $5 a month, so meh. But it's a pretty original kind of membership program. Gonna give this thought. For probably 2 minutes and do the impulsive thing.
  10. K, spent 4 euros on EA Access, brb, picking up Fifa16 and NBA16 lol
  11. I love Minecraft, and if at the very least can provide an experience like that then I'm sold. But I only spent $20 on Minecraft.
  12. I've never played mine craft. So I can't do a comparison.
  13. Speaking of space games

    this looks pretty nuts
  14. game has looked nuts for like 2 years
    im not interested in space combat but eveyrthing else looks soo cool
    but when will it be real
  15. My sexy custom lookalike got subbed for Sinkgraven in the 60th minute, fml
  16. Yeah don't really care for combat either. I remember when i was playing Freelancer(best space game ever imo) all i did was trading.
  17. No man's lie
  18. Saw this on reddit and it sums up why no mans sky doesnt seem that interesting to me. You dont get to build the ship and the journeys in space seem to be as simple as point and go. I want a game where the journey itself is interesting, and the ship you are using matters. Bolded for emphasis

    • It doesn't actually feel like a real universe, there are no planetary physics and gravity is the same on all planets. There are no actual solar systems. The planets don't rotate around a sun but are stationary, sitting together in a blob. The moons don't even go around the planets.
    • All of the various wonders of the universe (neutron stars, supernovas, pulsars...etc) are entirely absent.
    • There are no stars, they're just part of the skybox but you can't fly to them.
    • The 18 quintillion planets that was so heavily marketed isn't impressive when you realize what that actually means: if you took 11 things and come up with 50 variations for each, that is close to 18 quintillion combinations. Most planets are entirely the same but with different bumps and colors, they have the same objects on them and largely the same resources. Once you've seen the first dozen planets, you've seen them all.
    • There is no actual differences between the ships, except the number of inventory slots. There are no ships specializing for say speed or combat.
    • You don't have a sense of scope / scale to your journey. In the galactic map you can see other stars but there's no sense of where you are in relation to the center of the universe. Likewise you don't have a way to track where you were. No mapping or history, waypoints or other ways of tracking your progress. There needs to be a way to see how you're progressing and also give some meaning to how far you've gone.
    • You can't actually fly between these systems or go into say the dark space or outer asteroid belt. The only way to travel between them is to open up the map and click warp, which initiates a loading screen animation and loads up the new planets. There is no deep space. You feel like you're in an instance with 3 or 4 planets that are mostly the same, then you load up a new skybox with a new set of similar planets. It's nothing like say Space Engine, where you actually do get a true sense that you're in a real universe.
    • You can't even fly your ship. You can't fly low across a planet as there is an invisible boundary and you can't crash your ship. The controls are terrible, it has none of the complexity of other space flight sims.
    • You can't manually land your ship, you simply press a button for it to autoland. Tons of other maneuvers (like entering a space station) are entirely autopilot.
    • The asteroids which are everywhere have insane pop-in issues, they only show up like 50 meters in front of you.
    • The freight ships don't move, they just sit there passively forever. They add zero gameplay depth.
    • The space stations are all basically the same.
    • The planets are littered with outposts, all identical and with a single NPC alien standing still and staring into the wall.
    • The NPCs are entirely shallow, there is literally no point to even talking to them since they never say anything interesting and simply give you something random you likely don't need. Even the automated quest giving NPCs in Bethesda games that hand out those Radiant AI quests would be a massive improvement.
    • All of the monoliths are the same, it's nothing but a chore to chase them down. The words you learn don't add any depth to your interactions with the aliens, since they never have anything interesting to say anyway.
    • There are no actual biomes on each planet. Each planet is the same no matter where you land.
    • The animals are build on 14 different skeleton designs, with a bunch of random animal parts scrapped on top of each section to maximize the number of permutations and there is no attempt to make the animal make any sense in it's environment or have anything unique in it's behavior. The animals have no evolutionary history and their behavior is incrediby shallow.
    • There are no tall trees like were shows in E3, they're all saplings. There are no large forests, no large creatures. There are no large valleys, huge mountain peaks, no giant volcanos, all terrain is uniformly similar across planets.
    • The grinding which makes up most of the game is not only boring, but frustrating due to the completely messed up inventory management.
    • The interface is absolutely atrocious. It's amazing that it can be messed up this bad, the fact that we need a mod just to remove the requirement that you have to hold each click for a second speaks volumes. You need to load up a menu to do anything, and the menus are terribly designed and completely unintuitative.
    • The game is a technical mess. It looks like ass yet runs with all sorts of framerate issues.
    • The traveling on foot is insanely slow and tedious. There should have been a buggy or car, or at least some sort of fast jet pack like in Tribes.
    • It fails as a survival game since nothing in the game leaves you threatened. Each planet is seeded with abundant resources, and the few things that do attack you are easily defeated. Compare to minecraft where there's a very definite risk / reward system to exploring a deep cave system. Nothing really threatens you in a meaningful way.
    • The different minerals and resources don't really matter. Since most of the upgrades to explore the universe are yours within the first hour / two hours all the rest are kind of nice add ons.
    • There's no challenge to exploring. There's very little combat and what combat there is is very boring.
    • Inside a solar system there's no way to decide if a planet is interesting or not without actually visiting it. There should be some 'classification' of the planets e.g. class M, class X, etc that allows you to say a certain type of planet might be safe vs unsafe.
    • All planets are accessible right from the start of the game. I was excited about the idea of acid planets, radioactive planets, cold planets ... I was thinking that in order to explore a radioactive planet you'd need to craft some special gear. There was a pretty obviously gameplay loop where the dangerous planets had better minerals / ruins / whatever but were very hard to explore. Instead every planet is basically just a copy of the others.
    • The constant need to recharge things, which don't really serve a purpose. It makes the game very grindy without any positive feedback. Instead of feeling free to explore the world around me I feel annoyed that if I see something cool it means 30 seconds of tedium while I mine the abundant plutonium. I end up not landing and exploring because of how annoying it is that to take off again I have to enter a menu and recharge my ship.
    • None of the aliens interact with each other or have any sort of AI other than 'walk around a bit'. There's nothing to sit and watch. An occasional ship will fly overhead but they don't do anything. You never really see a battle take place or the ships acting in any sort of interesting manner.
  19. New Doom game is $20 on Amazon. Anyone play through it? I know there were a lot of complaints about the multiplayer, but is the campaign worth $20?
  20. Yes. Loved the campaign. Online was meh. Not terrible, just meh.
  21. Full car list for Forza Horizon 3 announced, which will be for sale this fall
    Still dunno if I actually want this game, I'm not such off road racing guy
  22. Can you transfer your garages from forza to forza horizon?
  23. I don't think that's an option and that they're regarded as 2 separate games. Maybe someone who had FH2 can tell me how it went to FM6, because I really don't know.. I only had FM1, 2, 4 and 6
  24. Hmm. I haven't played anything after forza 2. And have notbplayed any of the horizon series. But I'd think that would add a cool feature to it.
  25. What it did with previous Forza evolutions is that you get bonus starting credits, going by the amount of cars you had in previous forza editions. If you had over 400 cars in each Forza ever, you would've been rewarded 25M credits in FM6. So I guess it'd be a kind of similar construction for FH3.

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