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  1. Shit. Just bought a PS4 and a ton of games and it looks like I'll need to buy a gaming rig now:

    I just came
  2. Doesnt that just look like a battlefield game?

    can anyone tell me if borderlans pre sequal gets any bettr after first hour
  3. Bought and finished Wolfenstein New Colossus. Awesome movie disguised as a game. I was happy that it also run perfectly with everything maxed, some of the scenes like the submarine were rendered artwork.
  4. It has 22% more Freedomâ„¢ than any Battlefield game.
  5. It's pretty cool, but i don't really like the cinematic gameplay.
  6. Bought the crew 2. Its only ok
  7. I don't know why i bother with xbox one anymore.

    Just bought Doom for a sweet price.

    Install download 44 gb. Then an update of 61 gb. 61!!!!

    I even had to remove games from my hdd just to install it.

    Goddamnit. I just want to insert the disc and playyyy. I'm gonna switch to nintendo switch. **** this shit.
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  8. Im going to Will Smith Switch
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  9. Swill Smitch
  10. DLC for far cry is pretty cool. The Mars one is a pretty funny and unique story line.
  11. cant decide whether to play some of my old fave games, flashback, ff7 & 9, road rash, gta3 and others. They are steeped in nostalgia and i dont want to ruin it.
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  12. red dead might make me buy a console again
    the new forza looks fun
  13. Speaking of this and other kinds of semi-forced historical revisionism...

    Centuries upon centuries of inbreeding in Eastern Sweden created some of the whitest populations ever. As a specimen of such a population, I can afford to not care. At least in the short term.

    Some say that they are disappointed in some of the recent games/films because there were no black soldiers in the World Wars. That's absolutely inaccurate, and the whole black/white juxtaposition is also misleading.

    The French did deploy troops from their colonies, as well as their foreign legion in both World Wars. Many of them were black. The Nazis actually had a program to sterilise the mulatto children born as a result of the French occupation of Rheinland.

    The United Kingdom had their Indian Army, their African Rifles and all sorts of troops across the colour spectrum. ANZAC, Gurkhas, South Africans, you name it. The British, unlike the French, didn't utilise their (Asian/African) colonial troops in significant numbers on the European fronts.

    The American military during both wars was whiter than my ass, and the military was heavily segregated until the mid 50's or so. Or maybe that's optimistic. Native/African Americans did serve in the US Armed Forces during WW2 but in tiny numbers. Nazi Germany had more coloured/muslim troops as volunteers. The amount of Japanese Americans on the battlefield outnumbered the amount of African Americans by some magnitude (remember, a huge portion of the Japanese American population was interned during this time).

    I don't really think that the French deployed all those colonial troops to the European fronts because they were oh-so-progressive and egalitarian in 1914 or 1939. Throughout the history of the republics, the French have understood that it's often politically more viable to let a foreigner die for a cause the public might not fully support.

    Anyway, I digress. It's hard to imagine myself in black boots, but if I were black, I suppose I'd be pissed. To forcibly integrate black/female/handicapped characters in organisations that were notoriously racist, sexist and most definitely not handicapable is bullshit of the greatest kind. All that segregation and violence did really happen. To create fictitious steampunk characters in that sort of setting, and selling that not as speculative fiction, but as quasi-historical reality, is taking a huge dump on history itself.

    Anyway, I'm happy that BF5 got a shit reception. There hasn't been a shortage of Africans firing small arms in anger for decades, it really doesn't require that much creativity to include black characters in violent games. And if it really has to be WW2, just make them fUcking French.
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  14. the sjw/antisjw reaction is so yawn. Both sides blowing the other way out of proportion
    The pendulum swung too far one way, and people are trying to pull it back
    I want to fastforward to where race is barely remarkable
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  15. Yes.
  16. If they want a black character in a violent game, make a better Spawn game. Or Sim City: Chicago.
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  17. Haha, someone could totally build a ghetto edition for Cities Skylines. Instead of schools, parks and hospitals you could boost your citizens' stats with crack houses and pawn shops. Also, why are there no street hookers in Cities Skylines? It's entertaining to follow the individual citizens but most of them have the same routines. Except when they go to prison (elementary school children going to adult prison, it's hilarious).
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  18. My Sims character was always a thief. That's why I turned into a criminal; games that promote bad behavior, like Sims.
  19. I've been playing Heavy Rain on my PS4 and damn, this game is good.
    It made it worth buying a PS4.
    I'm at the club scene now, and loving the doot doot music.
  20. Been playing shadow of the tomb raider. Ok game.
  21. Well have you made a contribution? Go have a wild threesome with an Australian Aboriginal and an Inuit already.
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  22. some of these mods for fallout new vegas are really good, gonna have to start a new game on it and waste another 80 hours of my life.
  23. Bought Ghost Recon Wildlands for $20. The campaign is pretty decent but like super long, the multiplayer is camping galore and it bores me

    I would never pay $60 for it but at 20 bucks is not bad
  24. Mostly playing Dead Cells and emulator'd PS1 and Gamecube games lately.

    Just wanna play Fallout already.
  25. I want to buy a SNES, but not sure if it's worth the money. Games are so expensive on it.

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