Game Thread Part V4.1

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  1. id love to but nobody will touch my filthy penis
  2. Do you want it to play? Or just for collection purposes? I'm liking emulators so much more now that I have a controller I can use on my PC.
  3. Both. Mostly for playing, but i also collect complete in box games. I like to hunt for cheap buys. Already have the snes mini classic, but i want this so i can play and collect some other games that aren't on it. I also want the super gameboy for the system so i can play gameboy games on the tv.
  4. Haaa. Installed Civilization 6 again, if only to see how smoothly it runs on my new PC. One more turn.... then I go to sleep, one more turn...
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  5. I just got total war warhammer 2 and also hope to start a rome 2 play through for the first time
  6. I got a new PC. Installed skyrim and fallout new vegas and neither will work. They crash at the initial loading screen. So frustrating
  7. Yeah, they won't run on win 95.
  8. Shit......
  9. Playing Here They Lie on PS4. It's geared towards VR, but I'm playing it 2D. I got it free. It's very basic. Wandering around the map. Avoiding bad guys. You literally only have run, flashlight, and the use function. I could see it being a good scare for VR. I think they should incorporate the controller speaker to maximize the jump effect. There's not much to the game play, but the story is A+. There isn't much dialogue really. Just notes, creepy phone calls, memories, and watching what the freakshow AIs do. Now it's not fast pace like the trailer makes it out to be. It's actually slow, but the story is very creepy. Think Alice: Madness Returns, which I loved.
  10. why

    Ive been craving fo4 and I keep getting closer and closer to buying it
  11. anyone playing forza horizon 4? i'm playing on win10 so idk if there's xbox cross-play now.

    i have a new gt though because i couldnt remember the password for my hotmail. am now: thebishopghost
  12. please
    the pictures
    they are broken
  13. Bought Xbox bundled with Horizon 3 and the game was a huge disappointment. I did enjoy Forza 7 though.
  14. blocked on work internet
    i like the idea of driving trucks offroad in horizon.
    cant get past the unrealism of driving a lambo through a field at 150mph
    i wish there was a forza motorsport for offroad driving, and driving in the real world, with at least semi realistic physics
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  15. Agreed. The Horizon games have never really appealed to me for that reason.

    I'm waiting for someone to make a somewhat realistic racing game using real roads from google maps.
  16. Apparently it's something to do with them not being designed for windows 10 and steam. I dont really know. Fallout 4 should work fine
  17. Got twisted metal black for the ps2.
  18. Lyk my lisens plait?
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  19. i tried the demo first and thought it was pretty fun. the cars still feel like like they did when we used to play together all the time. i know the flavor of the game isnt for everyone, but i like the rpg elements enough and especially like the event variety
  20. The Bridge is a real interesting take on puzzle games.
  21. its cheap on cd keys
  22. Anyone got the new red dead?

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