Game Thread Part V4.1

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Yes. It's good so far. Its overwhelming in a way. Like there is so much to do.
  2. How is it compared to the first red dead? More of the same, but better graphics or is completely different?

    I want to get it, but can't justify the price to buy it.
  3. I picked up RDR yesterday, after all the 9.9 and 10 / 10 reviews. So far I'd say it's clunky, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Looting and trying to move around in tight areas is a pain, thinking first person will help that.
  4. I just went ahead and bought it. The hype is too real.
  5. Bought RDR. Played it like an hour on Friday, got eaten by wolves. I sort of like it, but Im having huge difficulties in controlling without mouse. :(

    I did play GTAV through with PS3, so I just need to play and get along.
  6. is first person coming in a patch or you just havent tried it
  7. Just finished chapter 1. It's very good. Good to see John Marston again.


    - Controls are a bit clunky
    - Facial textures/animations are xbox360-ps3 generation, which is weird, because the rest of the game looks great.
  8. First person is not really my thing. It doesn't work in a game like this imo.
  9. It's in the game now. Tried it last night, doesn't really help anything.

    I'm not sure the game is for me. Maybe it will pick up, but so far it just takes way too long to get anywhere and do something interesting
  10. The clunkyness is a very common complaint. And I agree. It's hard to do anything with any finesse. But the game as a whole is excellent. Once they put in some performance 0atches to resolve the clunkyness itll be great.
  11. Sorry. Been off for a bit. Glad you bought it. It was pricey. But a great game so far
  12. new fallout looks a bit crappy
  13. The whole 'no story via NPC' sounds boring and lazy.
  14. This looks fun
  15. how do you walk in those VR things
  16. Seems like it's just an online mod for 4, mostly. I wouldn't get it if not for the setting.
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  17. I only have fallout 4 and i thought that was pretty terrible, so i'm gonna pass on 76. Don't really get the hype with fallout.
  18. We're shocked shook.
  19. I am a huge fallout fan. But 4 was definitely not the best. 3 is still my favorite by far.
    However the idea of 76 just doesnt work for me. The whole idea of the game without the character interactions and NPCs just doesnt work. That's the whole point of the game IMO.
    I have a weird soft spot for anything post apocalyptic. Like "The book of Eli" and "The Road" were awesome movies for me.
    So fallout always strikes that cord with me.
    But the newer iterations are just a little bit off.
  20. Anyone gonna buy Diablo Immortal? LOL
  21. anyone have a switch? new smash bros is only a month away now
  22. I want a Switch, but i have adult bills
  23. What are you talking about? I've seen your instagram, you buy more video games than anyone I've ever seen, haha
  24. Except for Red dead redemption and Shadow of the tomb raider, i think in the last 2 years i haven't spend more than 15 euro(17 dollar) for a game. Usually the games i buy are like 5 euro, thriftshop pickups are even less than that. Don't really buy modern games that often, because they are so damn expensive.
  25. Do you play those old games

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