Game Thread Part V4.1

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  1. I haven't downloaded the update yet. Fast travel was unlocked but very expensive. Is it still?
  2. I haven't played in a few days, but the most expensive fast travel was $10, and that was from like, Blackwater to Saint Denis. Price varied on the distance traveled, between $4 and $10.
  3. One of the best parts about Friday the 13th; setting traps next to a teammate when Jason comes. Let the teammate get caught in the trap, use him as bait, and run away.
  4. Hah, there actually is a campaign featuring Tirailleurs Sénégalais. Not bad.
  5. i enjoyed the LIMBO little game, annoyed i got stuck at seconds to last puzzle and had to cheat. still worth £2
  6. Just finished Red dead completely. The prologue was fun.

    Now i'm gonna start the witcher 3.
  7. i need to finish rdr2 and witcher 3

    I kind of ran out of gas on red i was hunting a lot and I think I got bored of the (felt like) ten minute ride to the trapper
    I need to start progressing the story more Im in the spot with those two rival families and it just doesnt seem all that interesting\

    I just get caught up playing fo4 Idk why that game just seems to much fun to me. It seems like a bunch of tasks I have to check off and I genuinely enjoy doing it
  8. I don't have time to play games :(

    Adulting sucks sometimes.
  9. Yeah red dead seemed like a grind at times.
  10. I just finished Always Sometimes Monsters. It's a pretty good game. The story is pretty crazy. It has legit changes to the story based on your choices.
    Also, you can be a lesbian. Do ecstacy, steal from hookers, go to church, feed a hungry child and there are 16 bit pixel boobs. Nothing like 16 bit boobs to get you hard .
  11. Just bought this on android for 1.29CAD. Just so I can see the bobs and vegena. I want to find an android version of Final Fantasy 2. The one with Cecil.
    Edit: nevermind, I just typed in final fantasy 2 in the play store and low and behold there it was.

    Now if only I could find shadowrun.

  12. Interesting. I have a feeling a game crash is coming. Would be good, give indiegame developers more chances.
  13. is anyone playing the new mode of counter strike, i need a partner (gay)
  14. New mode? Bears vs twinks?
  15. has anyone played residend evil demo, im too scared
  16. I've played some of Biohazard at a friend's house. It's scary, but the scariest thing about it was my friend screaming at the top of his lungs whenever there is anything remotely not nice.
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  17. Silly twinks.
  18. OH, and it's fucking really scary in VR. like, wow. Had to pull the headset off a few times.
  19. I would not do that in VR
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    I need a partner (gay), too.

    I don't play CS though
  21. I'd recommend it, if only to understand how scary a computer game can be.

    PSVR isn't even like, really high res or anything (loads of antialiasing etc) but it's immersive enough to make you feel like you're actually about to die.
  22. Well this is accurate:

  23. [​IMG]

    getting this again in forza reminded me of TSCM and the fun facts he used to teach us about supercars
  24. Have you played Transference? I've played the demo in 2D and looks like it would be crazy in VR.
  25. Hows the latest non horizon Forza? Its for sale for 30 and I'm tempted to buy it

    Most important to me is that its not addled with microtransactions in the single player, forcing me to use real money to buy video game cars

    I want it to throw money and cars at you like 4 did

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