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  1. it's way more playable than the recent ones. It's not as shit-your-pants scary as RE7. My friend got the whatever DLC pack which lets you use the original soundtrack (which is less scary)
  2. What do you guys think about Google Stadia?
    If they pull it off, they're going to kill a lot of the console/gaming industry. But pulling it off sounds almost impossible. The hardware needs to be of an unprecedented scale, and then there's the questions of it not being open source (which means Google can pull the plug at some point), or how would mods work, pricing etc.
  3. I collect physical videogames, so stadia is not a good thing imo.
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  4. The fact digital games don't depreciate like physical games is a huge joke.
  5. True. And you can't buy 2nd hand.
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  7. didn't Nintendo shut down the whole wii shop thing, nullifying everyone's game purchases? that's fucking stupid
  8. Well if the game is still on your harddisk you don't have a problem. But yeah that's a big issue with digital gaming, what if the platform goes bankrupt or they just shut it down. I don't think you will be able to play a shitload of games from nowadays in 20 years. They will be essentially useless.
  9. I think in concept it could be cool. Having thousands of people on screen for a bf2 like game would be awesome. But yea I agree with w00t even though my gamecube games are rotting wtf.
  10. Rotting???? How
  11. Oh no....

    Do you keep them in their case?
  12. Yea, I do. It sucks because I really want to play Eternal Darkness sometime and I hope it's not one of the rotting ones.
  13. Hey, Borderlands 3!

    BL2 with buddies was the most fun I've ever had in gaming, really hoping 3 can be nearly as fun.
  14. I have never played borderline. The trailer looks ok.
  15. Put them in a bag of white rice for 48 hours. Shake/mix them occasionally. Problem solved.
  16. Dehumidifier in the room
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  17. Played some GT Sport at a friend's house last night. Turned the steering sensitivity up to 10 (using a controller, unknowingly it was on 2 before)

    WAY better. I can catch slides more easily so driving with no TCS is easier. Seemed to result in me being faster and more consistent, too.
  18. Going to have to try this for sure
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    My friend told me what he'd tried before I went round to his, saying he tried it out going up step by step, and it just kept getting better and better.

    Tbh I didn't believe him, but damn it really did work. We were in a pretty low rated lobby for my first go (currently D/B ranking on his account) and I was pole position by a margin of 5 seconds

    I'd expected it to be really twitchy and nervous, and impossible to keep in a straight line, but the tiny movements of the stick weren't affected as it seemingly just sped up the reactions of steering rack, so when you whip it over to full turning the wheels change direction much faster to keep up but very slight adjustments are the same
  20. I bought EV Nova in 2002 as a digital copy. I still had the original files, but not the passcode. I re-purchased the game recently, I still had the saves from when I was less than half my current age. Such nostalgia, much wow.
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  21. I just read that Wolfenstein on the Switch will be released as an empty box. Just a code inside. Pathetic.

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