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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Playing Borderlands the prequal because it's free.99 on PlayStation and I liked the first one. Pretty fun game. A little buggy at times causing BS deaths. But it has one of the most awesome guns in game history. The frosty boganella:
  2. So done with xbox one. Just bought ace combat 7, won't install from disc. Now i have to download the game. 35 fucking gigabyte. UGH.
  3. Lol all games are like that. 300MB installer on disk, 60GB download.
  4. I just bought that game the other day on a whim

    I hope its good, haven't started it yet
  5. So fucking stupid. I hate it.
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  6. It's pretty awesome. The story is stupid as hell, but it's just a lot of fun blowing shit up with different planes.
  7. I hate japanese writing
    but ace combat has always been pretty and the best balance of scifi/realism
  8. Yeah...Same reason i never really gotten into Resident evil and Metal gear solid.
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  9. i completed portal 2, i had to look up 2 puzzles, 1 of them i had completed but was being blind,

    8/10, would be 9 but had no exploding barrels.
  10. wow portal 1 was such a fun and surprising experience
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  11. Playing this older PlayStation racing game called split second. It's pretty fun. Totes.
  12. Yeah, super fun game. You get really invested in it. GLaDOS. What a *****.
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  13. So scummy of activision
  14. Depends on what the micro transactions are for. If it's just skins and such, no biggie.
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  15. Meh they don't belong in a 60 dollar game imo.
  16. i think its fine and inevitable to add cosmetic bullshit after the game is fully built and charge extra for them

    When they change game mechanics to encourage people to pay and lock useful shit behind pay walls is where I draw the line

    Just make dlc if you want to extend the life of the game. I've bought tons of DLC for total war, cities skylines (I'll buy any dlc they put out day 1). But they haven't fucked me over yet
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  17. I only don't have a problem with microtransactions in free to play games like TF2 and Fortnite. That's acceptable.

    Game publishers earn a shitload of money already, just make content unlockable by playing instead of letting people pay for it. And yes, usually it's unlockable by just playing, but they make the game so fucking grindheavy that it's almost impossible to unlock everything unless you play 24 hours a day. Basically if you want to unlock everything you need to pay. **** that shit.

    DLC i usually have no problem with, unless they already anounce it as day 1 DLC or something. I mean, that shit should've been in the game, but they make you pay.

    Pre-order bonuses need to **** off as well.

    Triple A game publishers are pretty fucking shit nowadays. Bethesda, Ubisoft, Activision, EA, Capcom i'm looking at you. Thank god we still have CD Projekt Red to name one.
  18. I sitll like bethesda, i'm still playing the shit out of fo4

  19. Also how can you do this

  20. List goes on lol
  21. oh yeah i just completely ignored fo76

    No interest in online games
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  22. Just finished Borderlands 1 and DLC with a buddy, starting Pre-Sequal (1.5) tonight, trying to get through it and 2 before 3 comes out in September. Forgot how much fun those games are.
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  23. I rented it. It's utter trash. I love all of the Fallout games. 76 is like the Pontiac Aztek of Fallout.
  24. Screenshot_20190809-083135_eBay.jpg Just bought this. Reviews say perfect reproduction, and somehow even better.
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