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  1. Yeah gran turismos had a similar thing. But only 500k and all your licensing transfered over
  2. gran turismo is irrelevant
  3. Why do you have to hurt me like this?
  4. it really grinds my gears when people promote that head in the sand franchise as 'the definitive driving game' because it was during the ps2 generation, ie when every person had a ps2 and every person played that game.
    Its fallen behind in every way except for photo mode visuals!
    every single other way it has fallen behind!

    forza has been better since 3, each one has been complete and great (except 5) and theyve put out more of them
  5. Except I've never said any of that. And I've actually been saying how jealous of the forza thread I am.
    Gran turismo is just the best that PlayStation has to offer as far as sim racing goes.
  6. Whereas Assetto Corsa is the most sim-like on both consoles I think, but it's sim to the extent that it requires having a wheel to really enjoy it. I'm very much a controller player, so Forza suffices, it's a fine mix of some realism with fun. The only reason why I considered getting AC is because Zandvoort is a track they included.
  7. Yes I forgot that game. I haven't played it. But now that it's available on PS4 I might try it.
  8. and im just getting worked up
  9. The Battlefield 1 multiplayer beta is fun as h*ck.
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  10. I agree. I just hate all the anti-social fucks that don't use mics.
    "Oh the enemy was behind me? Oh thanks for letting me know. Oh, wait, you didn't. Because you've got a pussy and you're too scared to talk on the mic! "
  11. I've been addicted to Euro Truck Simulator 2 recently. It's a great way to unwind after work, driving some saw dust panels from Geneva to Copenhagen while listening to your favorite podcast, or eastern European radio station, it's just so damn relaxing.
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  12. BF1 looks fun, but it has absolutely nothing to do with world war 1. That's a miss.
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  13. WWI was a joke, especially when the French first attacked the germans, wielding only swords
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  14. I prefer modern warfare based games. Modern weaponry or medieval weapons are far more interesting to me. Something about civil war era through ww2 stuff I find very boring. Pre firearms or post jet fighter eras are where its at. If that makes sense.
    I also prefer game with huge amounts of customization. A modern version of Baldurs Gate would be awesome.
    I want to customize my weapons, armors and character.
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  15. I just want a decent fucking Shadowrun game. And Road Rash.
  16. how can you say that
    a whole generation of european males was eradicated
    and their horses
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  17. what is this game like?
    is the challenge just dealing with traffic and staying on the road and on pace?
    I bet itd be pretty cool in VR
  18. have you played the mobile shadowrun game?
  19. No. Not to keen on mobile games. Old people vision.
  20. I played on a tablet. i think its pretty similar to the old pc game. was pretty cool, ran into a part that was too hard for my character and kinda stopped playing. Id like to finish it

  21. I actually don't like online shooters with customization. When you have stock weapons like ww2 shooters, it comes down to skill. Not so much when you give people the ability to customize.
  22. This is the game you can hire bodyguads and stuff isn't it? It was on old school PC and super Nintendo or something?
  23. I think so, basically, but there are some changes. its shadowrun though! I probably owuldnt play it on a phone, unless youve got a megaphone
  24. Good riddance. This isn't Command & Conquer, this real shit .

    Real life.
  25. Yeah the snes and sega is what I played. One of my all time favorites. I want to @426 Hemistage 8 the **** head who made the xbox360 fps.

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